The Rift: A Prequel to Brightblood

The Rift

The Rift: A Prequel to Brightblood

DISCLAIMER: The things you will read on this page are fiction that I have mixed with many historical and mythological accuracies. I took a lot of creative freedoms from a wide range of ancient cultures and their lore to craft these ideas into my own. These are my interpretations of how I would have liked to see things play out if I was able to witness these magnificent events. Nothing on this page should be taken for fact or to accurately depict any race, religion, or mythological concept. Enjoy!

The War of Four Races rages across the realm. Abel Rudland and the Humans have sided with Daealla Paeris and her Woodland Elves in an attempt to overthrow their opposer. Harald Leif and his Nordic tribesmen paired with Orrowyn Brovkos and the entire mage race seem a worthy adversary. Who will prevail, and more importantly, how will it affect the realm of Delahden?

Detailed Character List (More detail to come soon!)

Abel Rudland

The Human King

The Rift's Daealla Paeris

The Elven Queen

The Rift's Orrowyn Brovkos

The Magi Leader

The Rift's Harald Leif

The Nordic Tyrant

Lands and Peoples of The Rift (More detail to come soon!)

Bestiary (More detail to come soon!)

Table of Contents (First Ten Chapters of Book)

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