The Dawn: A Fantasy Miniseries

The Dawn

The Dawn: A Fantasy Miniseries The Dawn: A Fantasy Miniseries

DISCLAIMER: The things you will read on this page are fiction that I have mixed with many historical and mythological accuracies. I took a lot of creative freedoms from a wide range of ancient cultures and their lore to craft these ideas into my own. These are my interpretations of how I would have liked to see things play out if I was able to witness these magnificent events. Nothing on this page should be taken for fact or to accurately depict any race, religion, or mythological concept. Enjoy!

Long before the age of man and beast, there was a cosmic battle being fought between Niflheim and Muspelheim. The water of Niflheim froze to ice, which in turn would snuff out the Muspelheim fires. Then the fires would melt away the ice and it would all flow back into Niflheim. It was a constant battle that had been going on for eons until the day the fires of Muspelheim grew hotter than ever before. It was on this day that we now know as Ymir was fortuitously created. As the fires melted more and more of the frigid Niflheim ice away, the droplets escaped out into the cosmos. Each drop began to build upon the prior, and over hundreds of thousands of years, they began to form a massive being. Niflheim eventually grew bitterly cold again, thus reclaiming some of itself from Muspelheim. It was then that the father of all frost giants Ymir awoke, and The Dawn began.

As Ymir grew, he wandered with not much clue or direction of the universe. One day he stumbled across a forge, later to be known as Nidavellir’s forge, and created a monstrous war-hammer made of ice. This caused Muspelheim to grow hot once more, with droplets from the ice of Niflheim creating another mystical presence. Over another hundred thousand years it was said that Audumula the cow had awoken as well, and Ymir was there when she did. The cow was as large as Ymir in the beginning, but her milk made him stronger. After a short period of time, Ymir could feel himself growing more powerful, and becoming much larger. Her milk had also cleared his mind and made everything in the universe seem much more clear.

Over time Ymir left Audumula to create new worlds and conquer any old fears. The leaving of her one and only companion caused Audumula to weep. Being from the same mystical drops of Niflheim as Ymir, the cow also had powers that she did not realize. As she wept her tears turned the surrounding ice into salt stones, which she began to lick for nutrients. One day she noticed the shape of something being formed. She continued licking the salt stones, and eventually, they dwindled away into the shape of a small giant, who we now know as Buri. He was thought to be the first god, but no one is positive what his powers entailed. Audumula continued to lick the salt stones well after Buri had come to life, which led to the first female of her kind. She was known as Rubi and made a lovely wife for Buri. The two made love and Rubi gave birth to a son which they named Bor. While all of this was going on, the battle between Niflheim and Muspelheim continued to rage and had created countless other giants. Some were frost giants, some were fire giants, and some were stone giants. But as time went on they grew petite, much closer in size to Buri, Rubi, and their son Bor. One day a giant named Bestla lumbered across the path of Bor, which would forever leave an impact on our world. Over the next few years, Bestla gave birth to Ve, Vili, and finally Odin, who became known as the first true gods of our realm.

As Ymir traveled, created, and conquered, he began to lose sight of himself. He slowly lost bits of his soul, which in turn made him more sinister and quick-tempered. One day, the three brothers crossed his path and an epic battle ensued. The brothers fought for justice, and to be sure no being would ever live under the rule of a crazed god or giant. The battle lasted nearly a millennium, but in the end, the brothers were victorious. From the brothers, victory and Ymir’s death came the most magnificent creation however, Delahden. In dying, Ymir’s body had become as hard as bone, which Odin hammered into a sphere that became the outer layer of the world. His broken bones protruded, however, which created mountains, crags, and rocks across the surface. Ve and Vili smeared Ymir’s blood across his body, creating the oceans. The hair from his head fell across Delahden, which all three brothers turned into trees. The final touch was the giant’s brain, which Ve himself spread across the sky to make the clouds. Once their masterpiece had been completed, they decided that someone needed to enjoy all the beauty of this world. And on that day they created us, beginning the Age of Man and the dawn of Delahden.

The Dawn – Character Guide The Dawn – Character Guide

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