The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 4

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part V – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Seattle Day 3

Road to the Aquarium

We begin day three of Ellie’s Seattle trek as she awakens from her St. Mary’s Flashback. We get an awesome shot of just how much damage her body has taken over the past 48 hours before she loads up her gear and heads towards the front of the theater. As she opens the doors exiting the watch room and into the lobby, we see a sickly looking Dina sleeping on the couch as Jessie stands over her. The two make their way upstairs quietly to talk, and Jessie knows something is up. “Is she pregnant?” he asks her. Ellie hesitates, but tells Jessie the truth. This is cause to head back to Jackson in his mind, but Ellie can’t leave Tommy behind. So the two decide that the next move is to go grab Tommy from the aquarium and then turn back for Jackson ASAP, even if they don’t get the option to kill Abby.

We jump to Ellie and Jessie making their way through the city via a borderline destroyed road. The two eventually make their way to a point where they can no longer continue on their path, so they have to crouch down into a building and squeeze through some debris to move forward. There is a lot of supplies in this building (or at least on the lower difficulties there will be), so restock now if you’re running low after last chapter’s shenanigans. Once out of the building, Ellie and Jessie stumble across their first group of WLF soldiers. There will be four wandering and talking near a truck, but once they’re dead three more appear. If you crawl left the second you exit the building, you may be able to sneak by them all entirely, but it really depends on how quick you are. After the soldiers, the two must pass through another building. There are a ton comic items hanging all over the walls in here, and Jessie essentially has to explain comic con to Ellie here. The two continue pushing forward through the comic building and find themselves at a stretch of road where the road is no more. It has eroded and completely crumbled from who knows what, but a few jumps, climbs, and swims will get you out and into the next area. I do want to point out that pretty early on here there is a parking garage on the left-hand side of the road that is worth venturing into. It is full of loot and at least one collectable if I’m not mistaken, so you won’t want to miss that if you’re going for the platinum trophy.

From the road, the next building you enter should be a destroyed bookstore, and that is also stocked with supplies and collectibles (IGN Guide). Jessie and Ellie begin a conversation about Joel as they make their way through, and Ellie even brings up the fact that at one point, Joel that Jessie had the hots for Ellie. However, before they get too deep into their convo, they come across another group of WLF’s just outside the bookstore. One of their dogs just finished chasing down a Seraphite, and now they’re on the search for “any survivors”. These soldiers are pretty spread apart here, so if you hug the left side (yes, the left side again LOL) you can sneak past all of them (and kill the one or two who cross into your path) without any trouble. However, the right side dopes have a building full of supplies, so if you’re in dire need you may need to make your way over there for those.

From there, Ellie and Jessie make their way up and through a derelict building to see what lies ahead, and it ain’t pretty. The road is non-existent, most of the area is completely flooded by quick, rushing waters, and there is almost nothing for them to make their way towards the aquarium on. They notice a highway off in the distance, but it also appears to be flooded… with WLF trucks and soldiers. As they’re deciding that is also not the move, a boat drives by below them. Before they take off after it, Jessie points out that he wants to avoid any conflict to get the boat. Ellie agrees, but also notes that she will do whatever she needs to in order to get it. From here, Ellie and Jessie make their way down and into a building across the way before they jump down into some water below. They land right by a WLF team, who must be deaf to not hear the two just audibly land in the water about 15 feet from them, who mention something about a man causing trouble nearby. We swim over to a rope for the two to climb up before a cutscene triggers.

Essentially once they’re up the rope, Jessie sees a clear cut path to the marina (which ends up being a brutal chapter for Abby later on FYI) that wouldn’t require the boat or killing the 10 WLF’s surrounding it. He tells Ellie they don’t need it, and mentions how he believes the man the WLF’s were talking about has to be Tommy, but she disagrees. Ellie thinks that without the boat they won’t make it to Tommy in time and that this whole trip would be for nothing, so she is still going after the boat. The two split ways here, and we begin tackling the feat of sneaking/killing our way through this WLF infested boat lair.

There are probably 12 to 15 soldiers in here, most of which are pretty easy to kill while sneaking. However, the issue here is where their bodies end up as a few soldiers roam very large areas, thus causing risk for a body to trigger the soldiers who are still alive. I do want to mention that you can also skip a decent amount of them if you play your cards right. On your way to the boat, you can take out the first three or four, and then just jump down into the water near the boat, swim over, and take off. It’s a little harder on the higher difficulties, but if you’re on easy mode it’s a cake walk. From here, Ellie heads out of the boat lair and directly into the next subchapter.

The Flooded City

We now find ourselves in the flooded part of the city, and another of my favorite segments of the game. Exploring this area by boat was so cool and there was a lot of hidden areas/items to search for as well (IGN Guide here). However, before Ellie makes it too far we run into our first problem: a closed gate. Thankfully, all we needed to do here was hop out and open the gate, but I knew it wouldn’t be this easy throughout the rest of the chapter. There is also a few items and safe in this building, so go back to that IGN guide above if you’re interested in those. From here, we scoot down some small cascading waterfalls and run into another problem in the boat dying. Once again, Ellie is extremely lucky here and it starts right back up before anything bad can occur. If you head directly left after the engine dies, you will find a room that is somewhat hidden behind a blue tarp. This was the only thing I missed in my original play through of this chapter and can be very difficult to see if you are coming in from any other direction, so be sure to check that out for more loot.

As Ellie continues her push to Abby and Tommy, she eventually comes across an office building that is full of Seraphites that are taking out infected. This section blew my mind and is probably a top three area from the ENTIRE game. There was so much freedom to how you wanted to tackle the Seraphites. I took the approach of picking them off quietly one by one while on my boat, but there are a few other options as well. You could bum rush them if you are the aggressive type of player. You could climb up to the broken down monorail system above and snipe each and every Seraphite, or you could even not bother with them at all if you just want to move on with the story. After another (empty) building, we make our way to an arcade and another gate/pulley predicament. But, this one has something blocking the chain, and we must venture deeper into the arcade to solve it.

Grab the loot from the first floor and make your way up to the second for more gear and a workbench, before finally seeing the solution to our problem. A window that will lead us up and over the locked door, leaving us right next to the debris that needs to be removed for the gate to open. Ellie grabs a cart of boxes to push over, so she can reach the window, and disaster strikes. The floor collapses, and we find ourselves in the main part of the arcade, which also happens to be where a Shambler and some runners have been locked inside for who knows how long. Just a heads up, this Shambler is very similar to the Bloater from the Finding Strings flashback in the fact that it does not want to die. My first play through exhausted 95% of my ammo that I just restocked. And on my second play through with all the powered up weapons, it still took four explosive arrows and three revolver headshots before the bastard went down. Head back up to the second floor now and clear the debris so Ellie can continue on her way to the aquarium.

As we exit the arcade, we notice an absolute monsoon of a storm rolling into the coast of Seattle. Ellie continues pushing towards the aquarium, which requires leaving the safety of the calm city waters and out into the dangerously choppy open waters. The boat stalls out again, and this time Ellie isn’t so lucky. While trying to restart the engine, a wave crashes down on her and the boat, leaving her forced to swim the remaining few hundred yards to her destination. As she begins her swim, some huge waves come rolling in that cause her to be pulled under and tossed around quite a bit. They disorient and slow Ellie’s swimming of course, but if you dive under these waves you can avoid all of that nonsense and make your way to the aquarium much faster. Once safely on the beach, Ellie climbs up a boat and onto the deck of the aquarium before pushing into the final subchapter of Chapter Four.


As Ellie goes to open the aquarium door, she finds that it is locked. We must push right to the side of the building and climb up the ac unit to reach a section of the roof, where we then climb through a window and down into the building. Side note: there is an alcove under the right side of the deck that looks like it can be swum to… it cannot. I died three or four times here thinking there was something of value down there, and each time it resulted in a death sequence where Ellie’s head was bashed against the aquarium wall by the monstrous waves that appear from nowhere. Any who, once inside, we find ourselves in a creepy, dim lit area of the aquarium. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about infected wise in the aquarium, so you can push forward freely without any worries.

Ellie continues making her way through the aquarium until the only way forward is through an air duct system. Nothing good ever comes from a trip up into the air ducts, so get yourself ready for something to go wrong. Oooh, maybe I was wrong this time… OH NO, GOD NO. YOU’VE FALLEN INTO A ROOM, BEEN ATTACKED BY A DOG, AND HAD TO KILL THE DOG. Well, looks like I was right, nothing good ever comes from a trip into the air ducts (LOL). From here, we move out of the hallway where the dog (Alice) attacks us and into a surgical room. We stumble out of that room and come across another hallway with a door that has a gargantuan red crab painted on it. If you listen closely, you can hear peoples voices arguing behind it, so we know that is where we must head. As Ellie pushes the door open, a cutscene triggers just in time for us to hear Mel (Abby’s pregnant friend) yell at Owen (Abby’s ex-boyfriend/Mel’s current boyfriend) that people don’t return from that Island. Ellie decides this is a good time to cut in, and now has the two of them at gun point. After some yelling all around, Ellie decides that she is going to use the Tommy/Joel interrogation technique to verify Abby’s location on the map, but as she’s doing so Owen decides it’s his turn to make a move. This goes very poorly for him as he immediately takes a shot to the gut and falls back. Mel then jumps Ellie and a square mashing battle ensues. Mel also ends up with a very unfortunate demise here after the fight backfires, and she winds up with Ellie’s butterfly knife in the dead center of her throat.

Ellie makes her way back over to Owen, who is slowly bleeding to death on the ground, and hears a bombshell. Mel is pregnant. This hits close to home since Dina just recently told Ellie that she is pregnant, and Ellie runs over to see if Mel actually is. She is mortified when she pulls back her coat and sees Mel’s baby bump. She goes into hyperventilation as what we have to assume is a panic attack settles in, but before too long Tommy and Jessie come barging into the room. Ellie doesn’t realize who they are at first, but then slowly comes back to reality. The three exit the room as the camera pans down to the pool of blood slowly making its way across the floor of the aquarium.

We jump back to the theater now as we find Ellie staring down at Dina as she sleeps. Ellie stands and heads out to the main part of the theater to find Tommy and Jessie planning their route back to Jackson. The three banter for a little before Tommy departs spouting nonsense about his “peace offering” for Maria. Jessie and Ellie have about 15 seconds to themselves here before they hear arguing at the front of the theater and rush to go check it out. The second they go running out the door, poor ol’ Jessie catches a bullet square in the face and falls to the ground dead. We find out that Abby has made her way to the theater and is downright pissed that Ellie has killed all of her friends. Abby has Tommy at gunpoint and makes Ellie toss her weapon aside. Ellie pleads for Abby to let him live. She tries to reason with her and say that she is who she wants, especially after everything Joel did to the fireflies. Abby mutters that they let them live back outside of Jackson, but now they’ve wasted that, and we cut to black as Chapter four comes to an end.

Another chapter in the books! Going forward, you can probably expect more than one chapter in each review of the game as they tend to shrink a bit in size. As always, head to DustyPosts for some of my other original content, and follow this link to read everything I have on The Last of Us!

The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 3

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part III – Chapter 3

Well, I was planning on this review covering both chapters three and four, but three ended up having much more detail than I thought. So, we will just dive right into chapter three and the fourth installment of the review will follow shortly!

Chapter 3 – Seattle Day 2


We pick back up with Ellie waking up from her birthday flashback with Joel. She grabs her gear and walks back to the front of the theater in search of Dina, but she isn’t there. Turns out Dina is an expert at fixing broken radios, so you can expect to find her up in the radio room. There isn’t any point exploring here if you had done so before the flashback as nothing new will be in this part of the theater. Dina is blowing chunks into a trash can as Ellie walks in, but at least the two can joke about it a bit before they get down to business. Dina has been listening in on the WLF and has some info on where they need to head next, as well as a little tidbit on Owen and him going AWOL. The two discuss some logistics and plan what they’ll do before Ellie gives the most half-assed apology of all time. Good thing fro her that Dina is so cool LOL.

As the two continue their chat, a voice chimes in over the radio talking about a lone male trespasser in area 14. Dina isn’t exactly sure where that is, but based of what she learned the night before, she infers that it should be somewhere in a neighborhood called Hillcrest. They get ready to bounce from the theater, but Dina is still visibly shook and looks like she may need to go find somewhere to vomit yet again. Ellie tells her to stay behind to keep tracking the WLF movements before we are promptly cut into her arrival at Hillcrest. I was kinda bummed that we didn’t get to make our way to Hillcrest ourselves, especially after how open downtown Seattle was, but at least Hillcrest itself did not disappoint.

Ellie isn’t sure she has found the correct place upon her arrival, but some gunshots off in the distance reassure her pretty quickly that she is. This area is stocked with some awesome goodies, so be sure to explore the area thoroughly before pushing towards the fighting. Ellie will need to hop up onto a truck at some point to make her way to the next area and a mini cutscene will trigger that shows a truck full of WLF soldiers heading towards the gunshots. I thought there was no way they would NOT have seen Ellie here, but I was also very glad they didn’t, and we didn’t need to start the fighting just yet. This next area is also a massive, loot-filled town (especially off to the immediate left once you jump down from the truck) that will eventually lead Ellie to the roof of a building. In the roof there is a rather large hole that Ellie decides to jump through, and it leads us into our first dilemma of the chapter.

The second Ellie’s feet touch the ground, one of the WLF’s and his dog get an inkling that someone is in the building they just exited. You are prompted now that a dog has your scent, and the only way to get rid of him/her is to throw a bottle to distract it from you, or to sneak yourself far enough away so that it loses you. The latter is much more formidable than the former, so I suggest always having a bottle in your inventory from this point forward. You can also turn your volume up a bit to listen to the WLF soldiers, as they will ask the dogs “What do you have there?” which will let you know they’re on to your scent.

Anyways, The best plan of attack here is to toss a bottle through the broken window in Ellie’s room out into the street, where the pup and his/her WLF teammate will venture to check. You should then backtrack, push left through a building, and make your way out back towards a fence that you can hop over. This way makes it much easier to distract (or take out) the remaining dogs/WLFs without leaving bodies behind that will get you caught, and it also just doesn’t have as many people patrolling it. If you’re playing on a lower difficulty, you can also just toss a bottle to distract the two people near the door you need to go through to progress in the chapter, run over and enter the door before anyone is the wiser.

From here, Ellie pushes through another empty building and out into a parking lot of sorts where she is greeted with another small puzzle. You need to push another dumpster and use it to jump over a wall, but this time there is a slope that makes the dumpster slide away from the wall. I’ll admit, I spent way too much time here searching for something to hold the dumpster in place rather than simply jumping up on it while it was moving, and I am not proud of that one bit. You cross through another room here that allows you to restock Ellie’s inventory before heading out to another street of Hillcrest you must traverse. This area is also full of ammo and collectibles, but be cautious as it also has some infected hiding around it as well. If you venture left, you will find a locked room with a safe, but it also has five or six runners waiting for you as well (I suggest heading here last or you will draw everything’s attention to you from the entire area as you kill these zombies). You can also head off to the right and down into a basement for some gear, but you will need to fight off two bloaters in order to escape. Either way, your path needs to cross through the pet store/bar which has another bloater and some runners, but at least these can be stealthily taken down (which is how I prefer to keep all of my infected interactions LOL).

Once through that building, Ellie comes across a dead soldier with some arrows in him before ascending a set of stairs before hearing an explosion and seeing a massive plume of black smoke. The next small area has infected in it, but you can honestly sprint or sneak by them, hop the fence, and find your way safely in the backyard of a house. Quickly scrounge the house for its ammo if you need it, then push into the garage. SURPRISE! There is an infected soldier in here that you must take care of after it jumps you, but attached to his back is the greatest weapon in the game: The bow. As someone who enjoys drawing (no pun intended) the least amount of attention to myself when I play survival-horror games, this weapon could not have made its way into my hands any sooner. Ellie opens a garage door to a front yard full of practice dummies, which proved I was very rusty with the bow and needed some practice before hopping the next fence.

You land, yet again, in a WLF filled stretch of Hillcrest that has roughly 12 soldiers and four dogs from what I remember. I strongly urge pushing left again here, otherwise you will find yourself stuck in one of the houses with a god finding your scent from multiple angles, and a firefight will more than likely ensue. If you couldn’t tell by that extremely specific example, that is what happened to me my first play through, and I ended up having to run through all of my ammo before pushing further down into Hillcrest.

** Side Note: if you do find yourself in this predicament, know that you can crawl under beds to hide. However, dogs can still sniff you out under there, so don’t get too comfortable! **

Once you slide down into the next area however, more WLF soldiers immediately make their way towards your location. A well-placed bottle here can allow you to sneak past them, through a window, and into the next area, but killing them is honestly way easier and will probably save you some time in the long run. After you get past these soldiers, you jump down into a backyard/alleyway where a dog sees you, drawing attention to Ellie as she jumps down into the basement of the next house. Three WLF soldiers immediately descend the stairs into the basement and charge at Ellie. From here, things get hectic. You can run through the rest of the chapter, but it’s not the easiest thing. There is essentially no more sneak left in this chapter, so be prepared to lock and load against the waves of soldiers you are about to come across. Also, as you’re going through the end of this chapter, turn your volume up and listen to the WLF conversations. You can catch them talking about “him”, who at the moment we have to assume is Tommy, and can also hear some other interesting things.

However, as Ellie makes it to the bottom of Hillcrest, she is grabbed from behind, but not by Tommy. It’s actually Jessie who the WLF soldiers are talking about (or it could be a mixture of both Tommy and Jessie, it’s never clarified from what I remember), and the two quickly sneak out to the front yard to kill some more WLF soldiers before hopping into a truck to escape. Their escape doesn’t end up being as easy as they thought though as an enemy truck comes crashing through a fence from behind. An epic chase scene ensues, and Ellie needs to take out four WLF soldiers, one of which is the driver, which causes both trucks to crash. The noise from the crash, of course, lures infected to the area (very similar to the truck scene from TLOU1 with Joel and Ellie) that nearly kill Ellie while the two are trying to drive away. Jessie ends up crashing the truck into a river as the two are trying to escape, but thankfully this seemed to be all they needed to finally get out of harms way.

A cut scene triggers as the two swim out of the river, and we cut to the theater where Dina opens the door for Jessie and Ellie. Dina is both shocked and happy to see Jessie, yet she does not tell him that she’s pregnant. She does, however, end up taking care of Jessie, which leads Ellie to meander off into the theater as we fade into another flashback for Ellie.

Finding Strings

We find ourselves two years in the past with Tommy and Ellie atop a hill outside Jackson. This subchapter was definitely another favorite of mine as we were able to snipe zombies with Tommy’s rifle without any repercussions. I thought it was really well done, and the discussion the two of them have while atop the hill was actually extremely insightful into what has been going on between Joel and Ellie since we last saw them. Ellie clears out three zones of infected before the two make their way back downhill to the safe house Joel is currently waiting in (I believe this is the same safe house that they bring Abby to as well in The Horde from Chapter One. Something is definitely off between Joel and Ellie, but the two set out for the town situated even further down the hill to find some guitar strings for Ellie’s poorly taken care of instrument.

The two begin heading down the hilltop on horseback, where Joel starts some small talk with Ellie. He tells her that he’s heard how well she’s been doing on her patrols before segueing into a discussion about the “savage” doctor Daniel Star. For those of you who don’t know, Daniel Star is the lead in one of the comic series that Ellie loves, and this convo lasts us just about all the way down to the town. The path Joel wants to take is no longer a viable option, so the two must pass through an abandoned hotel to make their way to the guitar store. Upon entering, the two cross paths with some spores and Joel tells Ellie to put her mask on. She really doesn’t want to since, well you know, she’s immune, but Joel goes on to lecture her about how reckless it is for Ellie to let people know she is not affected by the spores. Ellie reluctantly agrees, puts her mask on, and continues following Joel deeper into the hotel.

After some exploration (and some tricky to find collectibles), the two head into the lobby and are greeted by a handful of runners and some clickers. I believe there are multiple things that can happen here, and ill explain why I say that. During my original play of this level, I killed a runner in plain sight of another and ended up fighting what felt like 25 infected before being allowed to move on. They were falling form the second floor, crawling through nooks and crannies, and just seemed to be non-stop coming from every direction. When playing through my NG+, I killed the 5 or 6 downstairs zombies without being detected and moved on immediately. I am not sure if its due to difficulty settings or if by staying quiet I avoided an extra 10-15 zombies, but I just thought I’d let everyone know that.

Any who, after the lobby, Joel and Ellie continue pressing into the hotel. They eventually have their passage blocked, but can maneuver forward thanks to a massive hole that allows them to travel between the walls themselves. I instantly had a bad feeling about this (survival horror + character between wall = monster crashing through wall to grab main character), and that feeling was rewarded with an insane Bloater mere moments later. Ellie accidentally breaks a pipe that lures the beast to grab her, and then this thing just eats bullets from both characters. I’m still not actually sure what triggers the end of this fight because it also ended differently bot h times I played it. The first time through, I survived a handful of infected that made their way into the room and dodged the bloater for roughly 10 minutes before he caught Ellie and the scene with Joel going ape s*** triggered. On my second play through, I just let the bloater attack Ellie after a landed a few explosive arrows on it and the same scene triggered, but the other infected never showed up. So it could be a damage threshold or you may simply just need to be captured here, but either way its nerve wracking as hell fighting this monstrous Bloater in such a cramped, pitch-black area.

From here, Joel and Ellie make their way out into the hotel’s coffee shop, Dolce Crema, where they find the couple who ran off from Jackson the year before. Both are dead now, but thanks to the letter left behind by the boyfriend/husband, we know exactly what happened. From how I took the letter, they both were bitten and decided that killing themselves was the best way out. The Guy would kill the girl and then himself, but that’s not what happened. After his girlfriend/wife was dead, he chickened out and couldn’t do the same to himself, so he turned. Ellie says aloud, “if only they were immune” before she turns to Joel and asks him what really happened at the firefly hospital two years ago. This doesn’t really go all that well, but it could have been worse if Joel actually told the truth. He eventually ends the conversation by telling Ellie that they need to get these kids back to their families in Jackson, which confused me just a teeny tiny bit. One was mushy flesh on the ground from a year of decay (and probably getting eaten), and the other was a dead, infected. Not sure their families would want those bodies returned LOL. But, the two go back to being quiet and the scene fades to black as we make our way back to the present.

The Seraphites

Back in the theater, Ellie is tending to her wounds and attempting to stitch herself up. Dina walks in telling her that Jessie is out cold, but that she can take care of Ellie’s wounds now. Ellie asks Dina why she didn’t tell Jessie about the pregnancy yet, and she simply says it wasn’t the right time. Dina quickly changes the subject and explains everything she has learned about Abby and her friends while Ellie was out. Apparently, Abby was at the hospital with her friend Nora, and upon hearing this, Ellie starts packing up her gear. Dina is shocked that she would want to leave so quickly, but Ellie’s reasoning makes some sense. She figures that if they know about the hospital, Tommy will as well, and she doesn’t want Tommy to keep going after Abby on his own.

We find ourselves back in control of Ellie outside the theater, and she must make her way down Route 5 to get to the Nora and the hospital. We pass through a QZ gate and a gas station before Ellie winds up in a desolate (or, so I originally thought) part of the city. There’s a ton of goodies here, and some infected in the building on the left-hand side of the road, so follow the detailed IGN guide for all of that. Ellie eventually cannot proceed any further along unless we solve another dumpster puzzle, but this one was much simpler than the first. Knowing now that we must do certain things while the duimpster is moving, I brought it to the top of the slope and sprinted towards the gate. As long as you make it and spam triangle before the gate reaches, the dumpster will make it under the gate, which in turn allows Ellie to climb up into the conference center. Once inside, you must jump/climb down some scaffolding, which I want to point out is very easy to miss jump on to, and can result in a very painful death for Ellie.

Once safely on the first floor, Ellie pushes deeper into the conference center where we are greeted with what I believe to be the creepiest undead of all time: the Stalkers. Ellie mentions these as if she has run into them before, but we don’t really get any info on them before we are surrounded by about six of them. The crazy thing about them is that THEY DON’T SHOW UP WHILE YOU LISTEN UNLESS YOU CAUSE A COMMOTION THAT MAKES THEM MOVE. So they’re basically just super sneaky zombies that peer their heads around corners and were created to scare the bowels out of you (is that about right, Naughty Dog?). Overall though, they are simple to kill once you find them (and you could just sprint through this area too), but the trick is actually in luring them out. I also want to mention that the ruckus you cause may not draw them out. To me, it almost seemed as if you threw a bottle too close to them (say perhaps you watched them run and hide behind a desk and then quickly threw the bottle right next to the desk to have them move out into plain view) they would realize what you were doing and just remain behind the desk. So, the moral of the story for Stalkers… be careful!

Once through, Ellie finds herself on a fire escape and catches a glimpse of a rapid rushing river, which is more foreshadowing by Naughty Dog (very similar to TLOU1, when Ellie also falls into the rushing water below the firefly hospital). After some stair climbing and a risky jump to another fire escape, she must head back inside the building. More Stalkers, Clickers, and Runners await for you inside this insanely creepy and cramped stretch of spore filled rooms. Just as Ellie appears to be escaping, a stalker busts through the door and tackles her out the window into, you guessed it, the dangerous river below. We now must spam fight the Stalker while underwater, all the while also trying not to drown, just to end up in a sewer system somewhere below the city. Ellie makes her way up and out of the sewer and into a subway station. With subway stations there are usually maps, and the one Ellie finds points out that she is almost to the hospital. She can save some time if she cuts through the park though, so thats where we head next.

After about 100 feet in the park, we begin hearing some whistling but cannot see where it is coming from. She eventually makes it to a point where she needs to hop up a small rise in the ground, and as she does, an arrow comes whizzing out of nowhere and finds itself in her shoulder. We learn here that when hit with arrows we can bleed out, and I thought this was a very interesting aspect to add into the game. It makes total sense, most of the time when someone gets hit with an arrow they will bleed, so I approve of this and hope more games add things like this into the mechanics in the future. After the arrow, the Seraphites (or Scars) are on Ellie quickly, so I suggest tossing a bottle or a brick over their heads as soon as possible. Once they turn, hop back up and hide somewhere in the grass to start picking them off one by one. Once they have been taken care of, Ellie can make her way even closer to the hospital, but not before she finds herself among an entire army of Scars.

For those of you who remember the gameplay preview we got in 2019, this was that scene. Ellie needs to take care of these Scars while making her way through a parking garage and its surrounding areas. If you pay attention to what they’re all talking about too you will hear them mention Lev and Yara, who are two characters tied to Abby’s storyline that we meet later in the game. Once that’s over with, she pushes towards a strip mall of sorts to be stunned by a brute of a man who is exiting a room Ellie is attempting to enter. This guy is super easy to kill though if you have some mines on you, as you can just place one or two in front of the door (or in the path he seems to take every single time no matter where you run to) and he will walk over them. Ellie then makes her way through the mall building and climbs a ladder down into a flooded street, which is where the short path to St. Mary’s begins. A little more swimming action and Ellie finds herself right up in the WLF base just outside the hospital.

We stealthily swim up behind a younger woman (once again, I have no idea how she wouldn’t have heard Ellie swimming or climbing out of the water…) playing on what I thought was a PSP (amazed this would work still in such an apocalyptic time LOL). Ellie grabs her to interrogate, but of course, the WLF girl can’t make things easy. She ends up with Ellie’s knife in the dead center of her throat before we push out of the building and into the courtyard of the hospital itself. There are a bunch of WLF soldiers out front and just within St. Mary’s, so be weary as you make your way inside to search for Nora.

Once through, Ellie heads up a flight of stairs to the part of the hospital that the WLF’s are supposed to be clearing. Ellie shimmies her way up into the air ducts yet again for a little recon work. She actually ends up climbing over Nora, where we get yet even more looks into the latter part of the game (AKA Abby’s chapters… and this scene would fall right after Nora helps Abby escape after the WLF soldiers who locked her up). Ellie watches Nora head into a back room before hopping down out of the ducts into the middle of a hallway. I thought this was super reckless and didn’t male much sense, but I guess we are supposed to infer that Ellie must’ve witnessed all the soldiers leave the hallway before climbing out. We follow Nora into the room for a brief cutscene before she takes off and Ellie must chase her. The two will begin sprinting through the hospital (don’t bother stopping to look for anything, there is nothing you can grab from what I could tell. Plus, if you lose Nora you have to restart from when she takes off running anyways). After some serious parkour from Ellie, we get to an elevator shaft that Nora clears and Ellie follows suit. The second Ellie’s feet touch the other side, she gets tackled by Nora, who gets up and sprints away yet again. Eventually, Nora runs into a dead end and Ellie catches up, but so do Nora’ WLF soldier friends. Nora is visibly shook by the hole that is causing the dead end as it leads down to the basement levels that the WLF’s have not cleared yet. Ellie grabs Nora and uses her as a meat shield to protect herself, but realizes that she doesn’t have a great chance of surviving here. So, she pulls Nora to the edge and falls back into the hole.

The two land in the spore filled basement after falling what had to have been at least tow floors you would think, yet Nora STILL gets up and runs off. She is coughing from all the spores, but our girl Ellie is fine. A pack of WLF soldiers is now making their way down into the basement, but if you turn around you notice that there are also some infected in the room as well. Toss a bottle across the room towards the WLF team and let them fight each other, then handle the remaining handful yourself. Ellie pushes out of the room she fell into and into another set of rooms where she can hear Nora coughing in the distance. Ellie makes her way to her, and is now in the first huge moral predicament that she comes across for herself in this game. Nora is clearly going to die down here, yet Ellie still wants her intel on Abby. She offers to kill her quickly if she cooperates, but Nora says she will never give up her friend. We are then prompted to press square and begin beating Nora with a lead pipe (you have no choice here, you must press the button to progress). This was a very brutal scene to end the subchapter and flash us back to the theater.

Ellie is standing out in the rain, drenched in blood (most of which is not hers), as she knocks on the theater door. Dina answers and opens for Ellie to come in, and then we get a nice scene between the two girls and Jessie. Ellie claims to know where Abby is now as we find out she made Nora talk after all. The two girls are by themselves now, and we get a moment where Ellie seems to clearly be noticing how dark and almost evil she is becoming. “I don’t want to lose you” she whispers to Dina, and we fade into another flashback subchapter.

St Mary’s Hospital

We find ourselves two years in the past again, but this time Ellie has made her way (by herself mind you) back to the Firefly hospital from the original game. She is roaming the hall right before the room where the surgery was supposed to take place (and where Joel eventually went on his rampage) and slowly makes her way into the surgery room. There isn’t anything in the room of note besides a bag filled with items, one of which is a tape recorder. We jump to Ellie outside now, playing the recording over and over again as Joel rides up on his horse. She now knows the truth behind what Joel did, and that it caused the Fireflies to split into two groups (one to go after the “smuggler and the girl” (Joel and Ellie, and other that is never really clearly defined). Ellie is pissed, and even though she knows that the vaccine would have killed her, she is made that Joel took that choice away from her. The two head back to Jackson on horrible terms, and we find ourselves heading towards the beginning of Chapter Four.

Another chapter is in the books! Going forward, you can probably expect more than one chapter in each review of the game as they tend to shrink a bit in size, but don’t be surprised if I end up with way too much detail (LOL). As always, head to DustyPosts for all of my other original content, and follow this link to read everything related to The Last of Us!

The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 2(b)

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part II – Chapter 2(b))

Sorry for the delay on Chapter 2, but it took me much longer than anticipated to finish off the game! Below is the second piece to the chapter 2 review, so lets jump right into it…

Chapter 2 – Seattle Day 1

Channel 13

Once through, Dina and Ellie have finally arrived at the TV Station, but they arrive to an apparent bloodbath. Dina asks Ellie if this was all Tommy, and Ellie just responds by saying she thinks they should get inside. On my first play through, I thought it had to have been Tommy who killed all these people, but during my second time around I got Seraphite vibes the entire way. A lot of the bodies had arrows in them, and I don’t think I have ever seen Tommy with a bow (if anyone has a definitive answer for this id love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!).

Anyways, Ellie and Dina climb up into the TV station to find more massacred bodies, and some strung up from the rafters (which were clearly not killed Tommy). The two ascend up another flight of stairs before making their way outside to climb into a broken window, and then make it up one more flight of stairs before another cutscene. They walk into a room where they hear a radio going off and find Leah dead on the ground with three or four arrows in her chest. Ellie begins digging around and finds some pictures in Leah’s things, all of which have names and were involved with Joel’s death. The two are looking over the images when they hear the walkie go off again, this time hinting that the WLF’s were sending reinforcements to the building. You climb out of a window and drop back down to where you originally found the strung up WLF’s just to be joined by more. If you time this right on your NG+, all of the WLF’s will be coming through a door down below at the same time, and one well-placed explosive arrow can wipe out all of them.

Ellie and Dina make their way downstairs and out of the main TV station room to be ambushed from above by more WLF. You can take these soldiers out, or you can simply run away and conserve ammo here as you won’t be able to take all of them out anyways. The two girls take off out of the building, through a ditch of sorts, and down into a parking garage area before ducking into a room and barricading the door. At the moment it seems as if they’ve escaped capture, but now they must head into the tunnels beneath the TV station to get out of dodge.

The Tunnels

This level was hectic, dark, and in all honesty, terrifying. Ellie and Dina descend deeper into the tunnels they wound up in to escape the WLF’s, but end up running into them again as soon as they crawl into the subway system. Beware here though as there are also some clickers that are hidden amongst the rooms that can easily turn this subway station into a disaster for you. You could also use the clickers to your advantage by tossing a bottle or a brick towards the WLF soldiers, ultimately drawing them closer to each other, but in doing so you also risk both parties sprinting back and forth across the station and making you sneaking by extremely difficult. No matter how you decide to go about this, you eventually make your way to a clogged up tunnel with a subway that you need to make your way through. This leads the two girls into a creepy room with a dead man half through the fencing that separates two rooms. Ellie walks up to the dead body, and we can now clearly see that this dead WLF is burned badly, but by what we are unsure. One thing is for certain though, we are getting a new infected type soon.

After a quick climbing/rope throwing puzzle, the two girls attempt to escape the tunnels via a ladder, but it ends up being broken, and they are unable to escape just yet. The only option now is to crawl through the air ducts in an adjacent room, which leads us to our first view of a Shambler. These things are essentially mini Bloaters that are much more dangerous and creepy. We witness it just eat some bullets from a WLF soldier before it falls to the ground, explode poisonous spores all from its body, and kill the soldier and his friend within seconds. Now we know how the other dead WLF was burned so bad as Ellie and Dina realize how acidic the Shambler’s spores are compared to other infected. The two are then forced to drop into the same room they just witnessed the Shambler in, and we find ourselves in between a rather large group of infected. There will be a Shambler on both sides of the room you fall into, a handful of runners interspersed between them, and a few clickers roaming the halls as well. Even though there are a good amount of infected right on top of Dina and Ellie, a well-placed distraction will lure all of them to one area and make this section much easier than one might think.

After Ellie and Dina eliminate the spore infected creatures, they push through into another tunnel, which funnels them into a hallway with a few rooms chock-full of collectibles and materials. Be sure to stock up here as the next room you enter will task you with killing (or sneaking) by two more shamblers and another handful of Runners/Clickers. You need to be careful here though because this room is not as simple as the first. The infected are spread out more which makes drawing them all into one location very difficult. Not to mention, these shamblers cover almost all the ground within the area as well, which makes sneaking by them and the other infected pretty challenging. Now, this area could be done without any killing (or any sneaking for that matter) if you lure the rightmost Shambler away with a bottle. He will come out of a fenced in room, which will open up a path for you to run straight to the door to exit the tunnels. However, if the bottle is timed poorly, in luring the Shambler away you will bring runners to you, which will more than likely get you caught ASAP (especially if you’re playing on one of the more challenging difficulties). However, once Ellie and Dina make it through and out of the tunnels, the two emerge into the outskirts of the tunnels. Some subway cars crashed and piled up here, making it easy for the two girls to climb back up into the daylight, or so I thought.

As Ellie reaches the end of the final subway car, it comes crashing down and dumps her down one story beneath the exit. Ellie gets jumped by a runner, but Dina saves the day (again). She immediately notices that Ellie’s mask is broken though and goes to rip hers off. Ellie freaks out, rips off her mask, and tells Dina that she was not kidding about being immune to the virus. Then you hear it, a swarm of infected is barreling towards the two girls and the only thing they can do is run. I do want to point out that this little mission can be very tricky if you try to kill everything, so you’re better off following Dina and getting to the exit as quick as possible. Ellie will get grabbed and taken down twice, but Dina will save her. It’s also possible for Dina to get grabbed if you’re moving too slow, and if you don’t help her she will die and the mission will restart itself. The two will eventually make it out however (and by a close call with a clicker too. It ends up getting the revolving gate stuck and probably is the only reason they have enough time to truly escape). Dina is absolutely gassed at this point, and Ellie practically carries her across the street o the theater, which is where they will now take up as their own personal safe house.

The Theater

This subchapter is fairly short and mostly filled with cutscenes, so this will be quick. Dina and Ellie talk the second they arrive and Dina says that she is pregnant. Ellie gets angry before she goes to make sure the theater is safe. She ends up finding an extension chord that runs upstairs to a generator, where the previous person who tried starting it got electrocuted, before she supplies power to the entire place.

Now, I didn’t have many issues with the game, but I had a pretty big problem with this. We don’t ever get to see the front of the theater again once the power has been turned on, but I would think it’s safe to assume that powering this place up would be EXTREMELY noticeable and obvious. Even if those massive signs on the front didn’t light up, all the lights being on in the inside would surely draw some attention by WLF’s, Seraphites, or Runners I would think. Anyways, once Ellie has the power on she finds a radio, but gets upset because it either isn’t working or she can’t find a mic to use. She smacks the radio, which dislodges a key from underneath of it that opens up the theater room downstairs. You head downstairs to explore this room, which doesn’t really amount to much, but as Ellie heads backstage the subchapters final cutscene triggers. Ellie finds a guitar and strums herself to sleep while we make our way to the next piece of the game.

The Birthday Gift

We cut from Ellie playing guitar in the present to her attempting to play guitar three years in the past. Our first playable Ellie flashback! This was one of my favorite chapters throughout the entire game, but in all honesty there was not much that really went on. Joel and Ellie are making their way to Ellie’s birthday surprise, which ends up being a trip to a dinosaur museum on the outskirts of Jackson. On their way there, we do get introduced to the swimming mechanics that will be used throughout the game (I think these were perfect, I just wish there would have been more opportunities to use them). They arrive just outside the museum and Ellie sees the gargantuan T-Rex statue out front. She is apparently a massive dino fan, which I can’t really remember if we ever found out in TLOU1.

Anyways, she and Joel explore the entire museum (which does have a few collectibles and a neat little hidden trophy) before they make their way up to a space area, where Joel gives Ellie her actual gift: a cassette tape of a rocket launch. This was so neat, especially because they are sitting in a replica shuttle that the museum had, and was very nostalgic. Ellie was absolutely thrilled by this, but of course the two of them have to continue on and make their way back home. In order to do so though, they need to jump from the museum into a pond below and then make their way through another part of the museum. Unfortunately, the door is locked, but Ellie has Joel help her up through a broken window. The inside of this museum is much creepier than the first, and we quickly get our introduction to the Seraphites. We see things like “I killed for them”, “Liars” above a firefly tag, and “There is no light” written across the walls. There is also someone, or something, in the building with Ellie, but we never get to see who or what it is. Psych! It was just a boar the whole time and just about gave me a heart attack when it ran into Ellie. Just after this encounter though, She finds a door that Joel opens, and we make our way into Chapter 3.

Another chapter in the books! Going forward, you can probably expect more than one chapter in each review of the game as they tend to shrink a bit in size. As always, head to DustyPosts for some of my other original content, and follow this link to read everything I have on The Last of Us!

The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 2(a)

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part II – Chapter 2(a))

Sorry for the delay on Chapter 2, but it took me much longer than anticipated to finish off the game! I also had a lot of detail for this chapter in its entirety, so I decided to split it into two pieces. Anyways, lets jump right back into where we left off with The Last of Us Part II.

Chapter 2 – Seattle Day 1

The Gate

We jump ahead to Ellie and Dina traveling through a forest, and it seems like they’re lost. Dina even points this out, but low and behold, Ellie knew where she was going the “whole” time. I would like to point out that you should be looking and paying attention to everything in this area as it is magnificent. The sunshine flickering through the trees, the details on the shrubbery, and the conversation as the two make their way towards Seattle was such a great way to kick off this second chapter.

After some horseback riding and exploring (more detailed walkthrough provided by IGN) down an abandoned highway that is absolutely flooded with cars, trucks, and RV’s, the two come across a QZ (Quarantine Zone) that is behind an enormous locked gate. Upon your arrival, you should notice the massive “WLF” tag on the gate itself before turning off to the left to begin the first puzzle of TLOU2. Ellie and Dina do some climbing, but get to a point where only Ellie can continue. She does some daredevil-ish stunts to traverse the wall, but when she comes down on the other side, she finds that the gate will be harder to open than she thought. Tasked with opening two smaller, chain-link gates before the big gate, Ellie is reintroduced to the extension chord and “carry” aspect of the game. I was already pretty impressed with how well the physics and graphics of the rope looked from chapter one, but in The Gate, it truly raised the bar.

After you’re done having fun with the lasso chord and finally have power to the main gate, you enter the code and watch the gate slowly rise up for Dina to pas sunder… and then it comes crashing down! Thankfully, Dina and Shimmer had already safely made it under, but the loud slamming of the gate urges the two girls to continue towards Downtown.


This chapter is dedicated to making it to the WLF hideout located at the Serevena Hotel. But, in order to do so, Ellie and Dina must find some gas to power up the second gate that stands between them and the hotel. This, of course, pushes you further away from the hotel and towards Downtown, which honestly ended up being one of my favorite areas of the game. Besides crossing things off the mini map that you picked up at the gate, you get to explore a massive area that yields plenty of trinkets and treasures for Ellie. I, no lie, spent almost three hours exploring Downtown Seattle before I collected everything (or, so I thought, I had to return via chapter select to get one last artifact that I missed) and finally found some gas.

After returning to the gate, Ellie refuels the generator to open their passage to the Serevena. You almost immediately witness an infected runner hop a fence, and guess what, that’s your only way into the hotel as well. Ellie and Dina are tasked with dispatching the handful of runners and clickers before they begin to explore the Serevena. The two find a handful of recently deceased WLF members on the ground floor and then begin their ascent. As they reach the top of the first set of stairs they notice another dead WLF, but he was not killed by infected… he had been shot to death. The two infer that someone must’ve made their way into the hotel to kill these men and that the infected wandered in later after they heard all the noise. After exploring one more room, Ellie knows exactly who did it, and it was Tommy. The dead body was one of the guys who was there when Joel died, and the way he and another man were tied up and tortured was a method Joel had told Ellie about in the past. The two then notice a gate code smeared in blood on the floor and know where Tommy is heading next.

Ellie and Dina quickly exit the hotel and make their way to East Gate 1, which after they pass through, they decide it’s best for them to find somewhere to camp/regroup for the night. Unfortunately for them, as Shimmer is hopping one of the barriers on their route, he hits an explosive that violently throws both Dina and Ellie off her back. A cutscene triggers and shows Ellie lying on the ground as Dina falls off the bridge the explosion just occurred on. The man in charge sends some other guys off to grab Dina, and Ellie decides to try to make it to her rifle that is lying a few feet away. She makes it there, but as she grabs it, the man grabs it from her hands and knocks her out cold with the butt of the gun, thus leading us into the next subchapter.

Eastbrook Elementary

Ellie is gently slapped awake by Jordan, AKA the “dude with a bitch scar” on his face, before he begins interrogating her. The man from the previous scene comes rushing back in and asks Jordan why he isn’t looking for the other one anymore, to which he simply replies, “You know the smuggler we killed out in Jackson? This girl was there.” Jordan and the guy in charge get in a disagreement about what they should do with Ellie (Jordan wants her alive for questioning but the other guy says Isaac just gave him a direct order to kill all trespassers). As the two bicker, the man in charge pulls out his gun, but it’s too late. We see a figure creeping around on the glass above the two men, and before the man can pull the trigger, a bullet flashes into him. Jordan quickly turns and shoots the glass out from under the figures feet, and Dina plummets 15 feet or so into the room. Jordan walks over to Dina and begins choking her out, but Ellie isn’t going to let that happen. She kicks a piece of glass over to her hands to cut herself free, grabs the knife Jordan left stuck in the chair next to her, and bum rushes J-dawg from behind. She buries the knife hilt-deep twice in his neck, and he slowly falls to the ground as his neck pours and sprays blood everywhere.

Dina gets up rather quickly and is somehow thinking more clearly than Ellie as she scrambles to get out of the building before they’re caught by more WLF’s. However, Ellie finds something in Jordan’s pocket and begins looking it over. She is taking her sweet ass time which allows a handful of WLF’s to make their way over to them before they can exit. So now the fight is on. The two take care of these first few combatants and make their way into a hallway where they’re rushed by six or seven more WLF’s. A brick and a Molotov can take care of most of them, and then Dina and Ellie push forward again.The two girls now find themselves in a courtyard overgrown with grass that is perfect for sneakily killing the group of WLF’s that drop down in search of the intruders (AKA you). This first group goes down easy, but be cautious, another group drops down behind them almost as soon as you finish off the first wave.

From here the two girls climb up some debris to get to the roof, where they run into yet another group of WLF soldiers. This, however, is one of the first times in the game I believe that you are prompted to hide while prone before the WLF team makes it to you, which only makes sneaking up behind them even easier. The two girls take a quick detour through another building before being forced outside where we are introduced to the dogs. Thankfully, this was not where the interactions with said dogs began though, because they make the game so much more challenging (especially on the more difficult gameplay modes). The two make a leap from the school roof to the neighboring apartment complex before making it down to the street, where they lead us into the next zone.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill begins as soon as Ellie and Dina drop off the second floor of the aforementioned apartment complex from the Eastbrook Elementary subchapter (The beginning part of this area is rather large and full of goodies, so be sure to collect it all with IGN’s guide here). Once done collecting, the two girls continue to make their way towards the tall buildings (where they believe Leah is hiding out) before they run into more WLF members. If I’m not mistaken, Dina warns Ellie how many patrols she saw out here earlier and also mentions something along the lines of, “wow, there are so many of them.” Just a little foreshadowing for what’s to come (lolol). The two come up to a laundromat to dispatch the first group, then run into another small group at the gas station down the road. These, of course, can all be snuck past if you want to conserve ammo or just avoid conflict, but where’s the fun in that!? Also, there’s a small toy store with some Halloween stuff that I suggest looking through if you’re interested in a tie back to the original DLC of game 1. After you make it past these first two groups though, you stumble across some infected (two clickers and two runners I believe) before you make your way to a massive group of WLF soldiers who have put up shop in an old building and the coffee shop next to it. You fight (or sneak) your way through this group before climbing over a barricade and progressing through to the TV station.

After you jump down from the barricade, you turn and begin snaking your way through a QZ road of sorts before an infected charges at you. Luckily, someone set up a ton of trip mines and you witness and epic zombie explosion (very reminiscent of Bill from TLOU1, and Ellie even mentions him here) before crossing under a destroyed interstate where the next cutscene triggers. Side Note: I suggest throwing bottles to kill the infected before the cutscene to conserve ammo. There are plenty of them and it is insanely easy to lure the clickers and runners right into the trip wires.

After the cutscene, you no know that Tommy has been here (via his horse that was torn to shreds) and that Dina is extremely squeamish (or is she…). The two then make their way up closer to the TV station where they find even more dead WLF’s and, surprise, an entire mini booby trapped town. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t die here (a few times) due to recklessness and missing very obvious trip wires, so be careful when you pass through here on your way to the Channel 13 TV station.

Thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned above, chapter 2 will be split into two pieces, so be on the watch for part 2 over the next few days. In the meantime, be sure to head on over to my site to check out all of my original content, and if you want more TLOU reviews, click here!

The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 1

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part I – Chapter 1)

Welcome back to the DustyPosts Last of Us reviews! As I progress further into the game I will be uploading my thoughts, descriptions, and hints for each chapter. Currently, I’m thinking that I will be able to cover all The Last of Us: Part II in four review guides, but who knows how in depth some of these may get! There will 1,000% be spoilers within the content below, so proceed with caution. And without further ado, let The Last of Us Part II review begin.

Chapter 1 – Jackson

Prologue & Waking Up

The reason I paired these two sub-chapter sections together is because the prologue is essentially the opening cutscene for the game. I’m not taking anything away from the prologue either, it was magnificent, but there was very minimal interaction so it doesn’t deserve an entire section. Anyways, the game opens with Joel explaining to Tommy what exactly went down at the firefly hospital at the end of the first game. As the two brothers talk this out, we still have no clue as to when exactly this is going down (It is later revealed that this was in fact taking place four years prior to the events in TLOUP2, which means the meeting between Tommy and Joel was more than likely directly following their arrival to Jackson).

Now we finally get our first gameplay interaction as Tommy and Joel head back down to Jackson. We take on Joel’s character as the two brothers hop on their horses and make their way downhill towards the safety of their city. I was pretty impressed by the graphics during the cutscene so far, but this was where it jumped up a notch. The sunrise that was peeking through the trees as Joel and his horse slowly made their way down to Jackson was breathtaking. And I’m running TLOUP2 on an original PS4 with a seven or eight year old LG basic TV… I can’t even imagine how this would look on a PS4 Pro or what it will look like on PS5! The horse ride is over before you know it though and the two arrive at Jackson’s gates (FYI, there are not any collectables in the prologue so don’t spend any time searching for them).

Joel and Tommy make their way through the city to where Ellie is staying (which I’m assuming is also where Joel was staying at this point lol). Joel has a surprise for Ellie (a guitar), but before he gives it to her he decides to shred. This whole scene was fantastic and the addition of the actual guitar playing with the touch pad was so fun (be on the lookout for a handful more of these guitar playing scenes throughout the game). Joel does eventually hand the Guitar over to Ellie, and she then strums us out of the prologue and into the game.

Ellie is now 18 and late for her patrol. Jesse, Dina’s Ex, gives Ellie a hard time for sleeping in and for kissing Dina the night before. Ellie seems extremely embarrassed by the latter, but Jesse tells her she has nothing to worry about. As you make your way into town you should be on the lookout for some collectable items (Rather than explain where exactly these are, I’ll just link you to the fabulous location guide that IGN has put together). I did miss these on my first play through, and I was searching high and low for any and all things collectable related, so be on the lookout as you make your way through the town and the bar with Ellie.

After your run in with Maria at the Tipsy Bison (killer name too by the way, right!?), Ellie makes her way down to meet Dina. Here is where we get the first game play dynamics started as Ellie and Dina challenge a group of younger kids to a snowball battle. This was honestly an extremely fun way to introduce some mechanics other than just having us head to a gun range or something. Once the first team gets 8 or 12 hits (which should be you by the way), the epic snowball royale ends and the two female leads make their way to the stable to begin their patrol.

The Overlook

I’ll be honest with you all, this chapter threw me the dirtiest curveball as I was playing opening night. I did my damnedest to avoid anything TLOUP2 related prior to release, so I had no idea we would be getting to play as another character other than Ellie, Joel, or potentially one of the new Jackson members. This sub-chapter was used to introduce us to one of the main antagonists (or at least who I believe to be on of the main antagonists), Abby, while also letting us learn some combat and stealth mechanics. FYI, there are also collectable items throughout this chapter (IGN Guide here), which I yet again missed because I thought the first two chapters were just going to be tutorial/story based.

Abby’s adventure begins in the snowy mountaintops above Jackson. She is with a small group of people who is searching for Jackson, and more specifically Joel. She is discussing what the groups next steps should be with Owen, who also is a former fling I believe, before the two get into an argument. Owen doesn’t think it’s in the groups best interest to head to Jackson to search for Joel because its much, much larger than they anticipated. As he’s walking off, Abby decides that she doesn’t care what Owen thinks and decides to head down to the outpost outside of Jackson by herself. As she descends the mountain we finally get our first undead encounter. Abby must sneak by or take care of all the runners in a few areas all while one of the most intense blizzards is raging around her. Once through, she comes to a main road and notices some horse tracks, yet she can’t help but wonder where the patrol those tracks belong to is.


In my mind, this is where the game truly begins. Ellie and Dina have arrived to the first stop on their patrol. We get some more amazing horseback scenery and views before the two girls make their way up to the sign-in book. There are also a lot of hidden supplies here for the first time in the game, and I highly suggest snagging them. And of course there are loads of collectables and playing cards in this chapter, so check IGN out for more details on all of that.

After signing in, Ellie and Dina make their way back down to their horses and head off for the next checkpoint on their patrol. They find themselves at an abandoned town which is ripe with more gear, but ultimately this is not the final destination. The two make their way around the corner and find a massive moose completely torn apart by infected right outside a group of stores. Guess what… yupp, all those infected that killed the moose are inside the stores waiting for you to kill them. Ellie and Dina make a solid little duo as they sneak in and kill a few pairs of runners together. After you make it through a few buildings like this, you find your way to a spore-filled supermarket/pharmacy. I want to point out that there is a safe located here, and the combo is related to a very good boy.

Ellie has her first run in with clickers here as well as she and Dina try to get out of the infected supermarket, which is a fairly simple task. The two then climb up a rope attached to an a/c duct (which, the rope throwing concept is also a nice little added feature added of the game) before making their way through the blizzard and to a library, which actually ends up being the hideout of one of Jackson’s recently deceased (Eugene). Dina and Ellie are sure to take advantage of his pot-filled hangout before we cut to the next sub-chapter.

The Horde

We pick back up with Abby right where we left off. She’s following the horse tracks that she found, which we now know belong to Dina and Ellie, when a horde discovers her. There is nothing you can do but run here, so take off and do your best to not run into a dead end or you’ll find yourself dead very quickly. After sprinting through a storage container site, the woods, and then another storage container site, Abby runs into none other than Joel himself. Tommy is with him, and the three frantically run towards the safe house Tommy and Joel were probably heading for already. You barricade the door, but this won’t hold forever. The three continue pushing through the safe house until they get to a dead end room. But wait, it’s not a dead end! You just need to buy Tommy some time to get a gondola pushed over to a window for you all to jump out of. It doesn’t end here though as the second you are outside again the horde arrives. Luckily Abby’s people and their secure cabin is nearby, so they make that their next destination.

A Dina and Ellie cutscene triggers, and we find them indisposed as Jesse comes barreling into Eugen’s hideout. He is not thrilled that the two of them are not taking their patrol seriously as “there are people counting on them.” As annoyed (and embarrassed) as Dina, Ellie, and Jesse are with one another, they find common ground when Jesse explains that Joel and Tommy never checked in to the next stop on their patrol. Ellie immediately throws her clothes back on and makes her way back out into the blizzard.

The Chalet

We cut back for a quick cutscene with Tommy, Joel, and Abby as they arrive at her groups cabin that has a massive iron fence around the entire property. Abby’s crew takes care of the horde that is building up at the gate before the cutscene turns very dark. It’s confirmed that Joel was the man Abby was looking for, and she shoots him in the leg before we cut back to Ellie, who is tear-assing through the forest in search of Joel. She finds the cabin and sneaks her way in, but as she attempts to sneak into basement where she hears shouting, she is taken by surprise and ends up pinned to the ground by one of Abby’s men. Ellie is shocked to see Joel lying on the ground beaten to a bloody pulp, but she is even more shocked when Abby plants the blade side of what probably was a 4-iron right into the side of Joel’s Skull.

I was so shocked by this I had to pause the game. I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to Joel eventually, but I did not think he would be killed off within the first hour of the game. Abby’s crew knocks Ellie and Tommy out, and thank god Jesse and Dina find them before the infected make their way into the cabin. The four escape back to Jackson, and we get another cutscene with Ellie and Tommy in which they begin planning their revenge on Abby.

Packing Up

With a heart full of grief, Ellie plans on sticking to her plan of revenge against Abby. There is not a lot that happens in this final sub-chapter of the first section of the game, but what happens sparks the plot for the upcoming chapters. As Ellie and Dina make their way to Joel’s house for Ellie to pack up the last few things she needs, Maria makes an appearance and lets the girls know that Tommy has taken off by himself to seek revenge. Maria is clearly pissed, but she also knows that keeping Dina and Ellie in Jackson doesn’t help Tommy out any. She grants the two girls permission to leave and tells them to stock up before they do, and then we find ourselves off to Seattle.

Wow, what an explosively entertaining first chapter! The highs were so high and the lows couldn’t be any lower, but all in all it’s a great way to kick of TLOUP2. I will continue to explore this magnificent game and break down the following chapters as I do, so be sure to check back into DustyPosts often. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any theories or comments about anything I discussed in this first review, leave it down in the comments for me to see!

The Last of Us: Part II – Night One Review

The Last of Us: Part II – Night One Review

WARNING: This post was written to be as spoiler free as possible, but proceed at your own risk. There could be unintentional spoilers that I missed!

At midnight last night the sequel to one of the greatest games of all time was released… and I couldn’t be any happier. Clearly I haven’t beaten the game or anything yet, but The Last of Us: Part II has absolutely blown my mind in what little time I have spent playing. This won’t be a very long article as I am absolutely feening to go play some more, so lets dive right into some things that are so awesome with the game so far.


Before I was even into the game, the start up screen had me sold on how amazing the graphics for The Last of Us: Part II were going to be. The start up screen was so subtle too. A boat floating in the water, yet I felt as if I was there. Then I actually started playing. The textures, the sunrise, the disgusting features of the first clicker’s face up close… its all absolute perfection. I am stoked to play through more today and see what else Naughty Dog has in store for us.


As I’ve already mentioned, I’m only a few hours into the game, but so far the mechanics are just as great as the original game. Killing undead is just as smooth (and fun) as TLOU. The new climbing/traversing feature works flawlessly from what I can tell and adds an entirely new aspect to the game. Crafting is even easier than before and I’m so glad that I am back on the hunt for items that can be hidden in every nook and cranny of this game.

Story and Trophies

Once again, I’m not that deep into the story yet, but what I’ve played so far is top-notch. I really like how the game began with a quick tie into the original before jumping into Ellie’s new adventure. It was also quite the refreshing surprise when I found myself playing as a new character (Abby)so early on in the game.

Trophy-wise, I haven’t dug too much into this yet in fear of having something ruined. Typically, my first play through I try to uncover as much as I can by myself and the second go around is where I hunt the trophies down. I have gotten a few so far though, mainly for scavenging items and upgrading gear. I’m sure some will pop for campaign related things as well, but only time will tell.

Well that’s all for now. I’m currently booting my PS4 up to dive back in, so be sure to check back for updates and explanations on the game! I plan on fully breaking down each chapter of The Last of Us: Part II (as I did with the original game) over the coming days/weeks as well. If anyone has any questions about the game or has anything that they want explained leave it in the comments section and I will do my best to provide some detail!

The Last of Us: Part II – Review and Guide

The Last of Us: Part II – Everything You Need to Know

I may be a bit behind on this, but as I was verifying how many days were left until The Last of Us: Part II is released, I found out that the release got pushed back to May 29th! While that is extremely disappointing, I also don’t hate it. It shows that Naughty Dog wants this game to be absolute perfection before releasing it. With that being said, I fell into a very deep rabbit hole researching the game and decided to share everything I found with all of my readers.

Premise of The Last of Us II

For those of you who may be newer to The Last of Us franchise, the game has quite the story. In the first PS4 exclusive release, we travel with Joel and Ellie as they traverse a dangerous world full of zombies as they try to find a way to cure Joel’s younger companion. The second game looks to have a much darker and complicated storyline however. The synopsis is very intriguing as well (see below) and truly leaves everything up to your imagination. No matter what path this story takes us down, I’m more than positive that it will be well worth the wait.

“Five years after their dangerous journey across the post-pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming. Living amongst a thriving community of survivors has allowed them peace and stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and other, more desperate survivors.

When a violent event disrupts that peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions.”

Trailer Analysis

So far there have been nine videos released on The Last of Us: Part II website. Of those nine, two are interviews, three are PlayStation experience panel discussions, One is the reveal trailer, one is the teaser trailer, one is the gameplay trailer, and the final is the State of Play release date trailer. I’m not going to run through the interviews or panel discussions, but I will break down the other four trailers below.

Reveal Trailer

Outside the incredible looking graphics there was so much to decipher in this first reveal trailer. We pan through some desolate woods before seeing a stop sign that has been hit with a Firefly tag. After a little more random panning, we find ourselves within a house with who appears to be an older Ellie. She begins strumming quite the melody on a guitar before Joel makes his way into the house filled with dead bodies, all of which look to be human and not undead. As she finishes, Joel asks her if she’s really going to go through with “this.” Ellie responds by saying, “I’m gunna find and I’m gunna kill every last one of them.” For what you might ask, and who exactly is “them”? We can’t be certain yet, but it’s probably safe to assume that the death of someone close to Ellie triggers her hatred towards what appears to be the Firefly organization.

Teaser Trailer

Unlike the first trailer, this one has no familiar characters form the original Last of Us game. We open with a woman being dragged through the woods. She is quickly hung up by a noose and placed on a bucket. The two men who were dragging the strange woman are greeted by an older woman. Before they get too deep into questioning the random woman, they hear something off in the distance and the two men find another young girl in the woods. They ask her where the other apostates (someone who renounces a religion) are, and the younger girl decides to spit in the woman’s face. “Clip her wings.” The older woman pronounces and the two men begin beating the girls elbows with a hammer.

As the second man is about to clip the girl’s left elbow, two arrows come whizzing by out of nowhere and find themselves in the man’s face and chest. The girl then grabs the hammer and hits the other man with it to free herself. In shock, the older woman turns, but the noosed woman throws her legs over the others shoulders and begins to choke her out. The younger girl then caves the hammer into the older woman’s skull, and she falls lifeless to the ground. The noosed woman is in a predicament now though because she no longer has her bucket and is choking to death. A young boy comes from the woods and the younger girl tells him to cut her down. “But she’s one of them?” He asks as he cuts her down. And then we get our first glimpse of our favorite zombie creatures as they bum rush the group. A very dark trailer indeed.

The Last of Us: Part II Gameplay Trailer

I won’t write too much here since this was an 11-minute gameplay video, but oh my god, this looks insane. We’re finally introduced to Ellie’s love interest while also getting a reminder that Joel is (still) super protective of Ellie. We then, rather shockingly, cut (no pun intended) straight to Ellie slitting a man’s throat in the woods. Clearly the aforementioned raid didn’t go as planned and Ellie is now sneaking her way through the woods in an attempt to make it back home. The graphics are ridiculously impressive, and we get a ton of glimpses into the dark and depraved path this game is heading down.

Ellie makes quick work with her bow, which I’m extremely thankful was brought back, as she sneaks around an old parking garage. We also get a great a taste of the survival aspect once Ellie breaks her stealth. Ellie appears a lot more agile than Joel and it looks as if we will get a whole new array of dodges, movements, and escape techniques. One of the other things you may have missed was that when Ellie killed one of the people, the other person yelled their name. Naught Dog added this in to make you really feel the repercussions of each and every decision you make throughout the game. All in all, this gameplay trailer took my anticipation levels from a ten out of ten to at least a twelve out of ten!

State of Play Trailer

So this last trailer reveals that Dina, Ellie’s potential love interest and obvious close friend, is killed fairly early on in the game. It also shows us an up close glamour shot of a Clicker, which is even more terrifying than I remember. Ellie “has to finish it”, so we assume that the death of Dina is the sole driving factor in her revenge mission. On top of the plot info, we also see the immense world that comes along with the game, and we could potentially get to traverse it with some vehicles. We already saw Ellie cruising around in a boat, so maybe there will be more to come in that area! We also get Joel (somewhat) confirmed as a key piece of the story, but he will probably hold a role more similar to Ellie from the original game.

The Last of Us: Part II Predictions

  • The Fireflies will NOT be the villains and will play a very minor role in the game.
  • There will be vehicles other than the boat, but they won’t be for open world travel.
  • Joel will die brutally at some point within the campaign.
  • There will be at least two new infected types (one of which already confirmed in the shamblers).
  • The group that Ellie is chasing will have some sort of tie back to the group from the original game
  • The scenes from the teaser trailer will be flashbacks and the younger woman who has about to be hung is none other than Anna, Ellie’s mom.

Recent News and Rumors

With all of that info broken down, lets hop into some news and rumors. My favorite announcement so far is that Ellie’s actor, Ashley Johnson, learned archery for her role. Bravo to you Ashley! We also now know that the second installment of The Last of Us is rated M for Mature due to gore, intense violence (duh), nudity (excuse me), sexual content (whaaaaat), strong language, and use of drugs. It’s also rumored that there will be a good amount of parallels between the original and second game, which will be very intriguing to experience as we play through. We can also expect the game to spread over two discs apparently, which hopefully is due to how massive and awesome the game is going to be (lol).

Well that’s all I have for you guys for now. I hope you enjoyed my in depth breakdown of Naughty Dogs The Last of Us: Part II as much as I enjoyed writing it. Be sure to check back soon for updates and new The Last of Us: Part II content, and if you’re in the mood to reminisce you can go check out my other TLOU reviews at DustyPosts.