My Weekly Recommendation (#15)

My Weekly Recommendation (#15) – Brightburn

Welcome to another DustyPosts weekly Recommendation! My recommendation for this week is the movie Brightburn. It is a horror/sci-fi that is essentially based on Superman, but what it would have been like if became a villain and used his powers to “take the world.” While it didn’t really feel like a horror movie, it was still very solid in my opinion. It could have used a little more plot (or maybe even just 10-15 more minutes of movie) to really get things going, but It starts getting really good right at the end. And even though it felt more like a thriller than a horror, there were still some horror elements to the movie that were done quite well. There is one scene about halfway through the movie that almost made me lose my dinner. Brandon (evil Superman if you will) chases after his uncle who is attempting to escape in his truck. I don’t want to give too much detail here, but it is quite the injury his uncle sustains. Overall, I would rate this movie a 7/10. It had loads of room for improvement, and I could easily see the producers adding in more of a horror element into a second or third movie. I mean, this was an origin story after all so it makes sense why there was more detail/dialogue than fighting/death. Even if you don’t like superhero movies, I would still suggest watching this unique adaptation of the Superman story. 

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My Weekly Recommendation (#11)

My Weekly Recommendation (#11) – The Boys

Welcome back! On this weekly recommendation I will be discussing Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, which was a show my dad literally got me into yesterday. Just as a warning, this show is very graphic. I’ll also do my best to give no spoilers but read at your own risk!

So for starters, the story of the show so far is extremely intriguing. It’s basically a modern day superhero show shown from a few different perspectives: 1) A normal guy who recently underwent a tragedy and makes friends with some deadly people, 2) a sup (pronounced “soup, what people with powers are called in the show) who is finally living her dream in the big leagues if you will, and 3) Other sup’s/people working with sup’s views on everything going on in the world.

They also don’t use ANY of the typical hero’s you would expect to see in the superhero genre. A lot of the characters may be knockoffs in certain ways, but it’s refreshing to see a new take on someone with say, the ability to talk to fish underwater. This show also does an incredible job showing the human nature side of things for the sup’s and that is what leads to a bunch of drama within what I have watched so far.

Along with the story’s freshness and the comedic relief that comes along with a few of the characters comes some very dark and disturbing things. I almost feel like a terrible person at times while i’m watching because something absolutely heinous will happen and I find myself getting drawn in even more because of it. And as I mentioned earlier, it is unimaginably graphic. Whether it be the sex, death, or blood, this show is one you will need to watch once the kids are asleep.

I’ve only made it about halfway through the first season so far, but I would rate this show a nine out of ten every day of the week. I strongly recommend giving it a shot even if you aren’t into shows like this typically, but for those of you who are I would guarantee you will find yourself just as sucked into the show as I am.

P.S. Keep an eye out on for my review of season one and anticipation guide for season two! It will be released as soon as I finish the show over the next few days.