Harry Potter Rankings

My Official Harry Potter Rankings

One of my favorite lines from the Harry Potter series was bellowed by none other than Rubeus Hagrid himself. “I am what I am an’ I’m not ashamed.” I love this quote because it encourages us to be who we truly are at all times, and I’m proud to admit that I am a huge stan of this series and have been since I was in the second grade. My introduction to J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece was a strange one as my mother started me on the third book. I was eight or nine at the time and this was my first “big” book that I can remember reading. I was always reading way above my grade level (humble brag, I know) but hadn’t ventured too far into novels at that age. The Prisoner of Azkaban changed the game for me though, and that was when I knew I would love every book that ever came out in this series. With that being said, not all of the books are equals, so I had to sit down and make my Harry Potter rankings for all of my fellow Potter heads.

#7 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Just because The Sorcerer’s Stone ranks in at the bottom of this list does not mean I didn’t like it. That actually couldn’t be any further from the truth as it is the beginning of my second favorite novel series of all time. I mean, what’s not to love about J.K. Rowling’s first installment within the wizarding world? We have three of the greatest main characters and friends ever introduced, a mysterious villain that will grow to be one of the most hated (but in a good sense) wizards we’ve ever met, and countless moments where we found ourselves smiling ear to ear from the story J.K. told. The only reason this book isn’t ranked higher for me is solely due to the exponential leaps and bounds that occurred among the plots of the books as Rowling delved deeper into her world.

#6 – The Chamber of Secrets

For Similar reasons as #7, The Chamber of Secrets falls low on this list for me. It was slightly better than Sorcerer’s Stone in the fact that we learn a little more about Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hogwarts, and the wizarding world in general, but still doesn’t topple the details we get later on in the series. Plus, we are introduced to Dobby in J.K.’s second book and he has to be one of the top five greatest HP characters of all time, am I right? On top of that we get the beginnings of a new language, parseltongue, and the origination of Harry and Ginny’s love story. Even though that last bit doesn’t really come back into play any time soon, it’s very intriguing to think how differently I may have perceived those two’s interactions if I would have known that a little sooner. All in all, an excellent second book, but still we haven’t even come close to the pinnacle of the series.

#5 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

Finally deviating from the series order, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes in at #5 on my rankings list. This was the first book I ever stayed up to go buy at midnight way back when it released in 2007. I tore through this book and consumed the entirety of it in 72 hours. I couldn’t believe the twists and turns J.K took within this novel. I even had to re-read the chapter where Sirius’ died because I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! She also tugged on my heartstrings with everything that mean ol’ Dolores Umbridge did to Harry. We also finally learn how important Voldemort actually is when Dumbledore give Harry more detail on the prophecy between the two of them. One will die at the hands of the other, and that was a perfect segue into the penultimate book of the series.

#4 – The Half Blood Prince

Ranking The Half Blood Prince at #4 is very hard for me because it was more than just an incredible book. We were finally taken into the mind of young Tom Riddle and his obsession with horcruxes after Harry retrieves the memory from Slughorn. And then we get our own little off campus adventure with Dumbledore and Harry, which was one part scary, one part exciting, and one part holy crap what did I just read. The loss of Dumbledore was also one of the biggest shocks in the series and just as I did when Sirius died, I re-read this chapter a number of times until I finally came to the conclusion J.K. actually killed off one of the most important characters of all time. The Half Blood Prince was also, in my opinion, the darkest book of the series, which I absolutely loved.

#3 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

As the second longest book in the series, this book’s immense amount of detail did not disappoint. J.K. Rowling started this book very different in comparison to its predecessors and it was easily my favorite beginning out of the entire series. This is also the first book we get Death Eaters attacking civilians and no longer remaining hidden within the shadows. Plus, how could I forget that we finally get Voldemort back in a body! Granted, its an absolutely, hideously, grotesque body, but it’s still nice to no longer have him simply being a voice within someones head or a strange looking baby creature. The Triwizard tournament was also fantastic to read through and this book brought us so many great characters: Cedric Diggory (RIP, still too soon), Fleur Delacour, and Mad-Eye Moody just to name a few. This book had just the right amount of fear, intrigue, and pure joy that helped it land at the bronze tier of my rankings list.

#2 – The Deathly Hallows

If i’m being completely honest, this book probably should be #1. But, since The Prisoner of Azkaban holds such a near and dear spot in my heart, the seventh and final installment of this series falls in at #2 on my list. This book had legitimately everything I could have ever wanted and needed within. We finally got to enjoy the horcrux hunting that we knew was in store for Harry. Voldemort was finally vulnerable again and we were able to witness the demise, and death, he deserved. All of our favorite characters romances finally played out, even though they may have not ell ended up with who wanted them to end up with. We also got to read about so many characters confronting their fears, which in turn helped us as readers confront and tackle some of our fears as well (or at least it did for ninth grade me). J.K. worked magic with this final piece to her series and I will forever owe her a debt for the magnificence that was The Deathly Hallows.

#1 – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This book will always hold a special place in my heart. If you have read any of my previous HP articles, or remember me mentioning this above, you know that this was the first book I read in the series. To this day I am still not sure why, but that’s just how my mom bought them for me. This was also the first book that I ever truly loved and could very well be the sole reason behind my general love for reading. This book had literally everything that younger me wanted. I wished that I would one day be able to sit atop a hippogryph as I flew over the enchanted forest. I hoped that Professor Lupin would teach me how to cast my own patronus (which would be a sick leopardess LOL). The Prisoner of Azkaban will probably go down as my favorite single literary work of all time and I am so happy that J.K Rowling had these crazy ideas all those years ago.

Whether flying to Hogwarts in that beaten down Weasely jalopy, delving into the catacombs of the castle to fight off basilisks and possessed teachers, or scouring the countryside for Voldemort’s horcruxes, the memories I’ve created and lessons I’ve learned from reading Harry Potter will always remain atop the others.

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A Song of Ice and Fire Review

A Song of Ice and Fire Review

Welcome back! It’s so crazy to think were already halfway through our first YEAR of weekly reviews. We’ve covered some awesome subjects over the last 23 weeks, but this week we will dive into one of my favorite authors, George R. R. Martin (AKA G.R.R.M.) and his fantasy series, ASOIAF.

G.R.R.M., as I’ve already mentioned, is one of my favorite authors. His A Song of Ice and Fire series may just end up being my favorite series of all time too. Granted, only five of the seven books have been released, but G.R.R.M. would really need to screw up to taint the series for me. And in all honesty, the way the TV series ended I cant imagine its anywhere but up from there.

Game of Thrones (2012) Episode Title: Blackwater Season 2, Episode 9 Air Date: May 27, 2012 Jerome Flynn as Bronn

These first two books were masterfully crafted yet they didn’t really do much for me. I had already watched the first few seasons of Game of Thrones so everything was already pretty redundant. That is in no way G.R.R.M.’s fault though, as I just didn’t know the books were there until it was too late. Plus HBO essentially copied the books word for word. Book three was where this series really began standing out for me. As little details that had been left out of the show began surfacing in the book, my mind immediately started thinking of all the potential theories arising (ahem, reddit). Little did I know, these books had been out for ages by the time I got to them in 2018, and there was an unimaginable amount of theories for me to sift through.

Books four and five of ASOIAF then began to drastically change. New characters, new places traveled, and new story lines that are so much more interesting than the ones HBO went with (no shade at HBO, just think the mastermind’s story was better lol). These books are also extremely interesting because they were originally one book. G.R.R.M. actually had these two books as one but had to split it due to size. This pushed his six book series to seven, and led to another six years of waiting for his beloved fans. He really descends into the other areas of his realm in these two books as well.

These books will easily go down as some of the greatest fantasy books of all time. They’re even a pretty big piece of the reason I began writing my own book. I wanted to immerse myself in my own Seven Kingdoms, and G.R.R.M. 100% opened that door for me. I don’t think I, or the countless others, could ever thank him enough.

The End of It All – Game of Thrones Tribute

The End of It All – A Game of Thrones Tribute

It’s official, Game of Thrones is over. After staying positive the entire season, I finally cracked last night during the finale. The episode as a whole was underwhelming in my eyes. With that being said, there were some parts that I thought were executed flawlessly… but most of the episode was dull and what wasn’t dull was just plain bad.

Around 44 minutes in is where my initial issue was. After Jon kills Dany, Drogon grabs her lifeless body with his back talons and flies away with her. I was not a fan of this at all, but I can also see why they did it at least. Once Dany was dead, the only options for Drogon were to 1) fly away, 2) be killed, or 3) be fine with the fact that his mother was just murdered and bow down to the murderer. Number 2 seemed incredibly unlikely figuring that all of the scorpions had just been destroyed. I thought maybe Bronn would come back into the story here but wasn’t quite sure how he would take Drogon down without some sort of massive weapon. Number 3 just didn’t make sense, and Drogon was too connected to Dany to ever allow Jon to mount him after he kills her. That leaves us number 1, which makes sense, I merely didn’t enjoy the fact that he scooped our Khaleesi up and took her with him.

This brings me to my subsequent issue with the episode, which was the absolute nonsense Jon Snow was put through for the remainder of the episode. First off, the fact that the Unsullied and Dothraki did not kill Jon after he stabbed their queen makes zero sense. Plus, knowing Jon, he for sure went out and did the “honorable” thing and just told them. And since we’re talking about Jon, I also hated that they sent him back to the Night’s Watch as punishment. I get that he couldn’t stay in King’s Landing and that Grey Worm probably wanted him dead. But the fact that you dispatched a man who already DIED for the Night’s Watch back to Castle Black blows my mind. Plus like, didn’t all of the crows die? We know the Lord Commander died protecting Sam in the battle of Winterfell. And We know the wall by Eastwatch is absolute rubble. Not to mention the wildlings are no longer enemies AND the White Walkers are all dead, so why send John to the wall? I did love the fact that he just peaced out once he got there. And maybe he and Ghost were just meant to be north of the wall. I’m just saying though, why couldn’t he go back to the Winterfell and help Sansa rule or head west of Westeros with Arya? Overall just a tragic episode for one of my favorite characters.

Next up, the dragon pit scene, which seemed to take place quite some time after the battle judging by Tyrion’s dope beard he had grown. This group had gathered to decide his fate and decide who would rule the six kingdoms next. The thing that bugged me here (besides the water bottle) was that Bran was decided as the “best fit” to rule Westeros. Yet two episodes ago he desired nothing and could be nothing because he was the three-eyed raven. What changed Bran? And then the line where he basically says he knew and that why he was there… like wtf haha. There was also the unknown Dornish prince or whatever in attendance. I’ve been seeing many people say it has to be Quentyn Martell, but he died at the end of A Dance with Dragons so that makes no sense whatsoever. I think the thing that I am most salty about here is the fact that Bran ends up being our guy. And to touch on the water bottle, HOW in the absolute hell did they miss this?! This was not the first time this season, nor the last, that we would see something that didn’t belong in the show. I just can’t wrap my mind around it. How do we end up with three mishaps after so much money was dumped into the creation/review of this show? It’s utterly unacceptable for a series of this caliber.

All things considered, I probably would have rated this episode a 5/10. I did thoroughly enjoy the Tyrion scenes,and his dialogue was killer throughout the episode. Not to mention, they had so much loop back around to older episodes and quotes too. I also kind of enjoyed the fact that Bran selected him to be his Hand as well. And of course, how could I forget about the incredible shot of Dany when Drogon spread his wings and she looked like she transformed into a dragon herself. The cinematography this season was incredible, so shouts to everyone who worked in that area. If only we could have gotten some of that talent on the writing side of things… haha. But, no matter how upset I am with the finale, Game of Thrones will forever be one of my favorite shows of all time. The way this all ended may have pushed Breaking Bad up into the #1 spot for me in all honesty. But, I’m sure when I do my re-watch in a few years (or maybe a few months) I’ll remember just how special this show truly was. It sucks that it concluded the way it did, and the fact that it’s over is heartbreaking. At least we all got 8 good years out of it though, right? Thanks for all the memories Game of Thrones!

P.S. GRRM, release the sixth book, pretty please with a cherry on top. I need more information on this incredible world you’ve built ASAP!