My Dream Dinner – Remixed

My Dream Dinner – Remixed

“If you could have dinner with any three people (whether dead, alive, or fictional) who would you choose and why?”

So I’ve been seeing this question around a lot lately and decided that I wanted to go ahead and answer it myself. I figured I would add my own spin to this though, so I will also include what I want my meal at said party to be as well as the location I want the meal to be eaten. On top of that, I would also like to take a stab at what I think each of my guests would want to eat while we are dining in said location of choice, so with that let’s jump right in!

The Dream Dinner

In my mind steak is the pinnacle of dinner meats, so it goes without saying that I will be using that as my source of protein for this meal. I’d prefer it to be an extremely expensive cut of Japanese Wagyu, mainly for the fact that I am still a young adult who has no idea if/when I’ll be able to afford such an exorbitant slab of meat. Along with the Wagyu, I think I’d like some truffle mac n’ cheese from Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. in Maine. I don’t remember where or when I stumbled across the article I read, but what I do remember was this lobster mac basically being described as heaven on earth. I’d love to add some thick cut chunks of bacon into the mac as well, simply because bacon makes everything better. Add some pan-seared green beans to pair with the steak and mac and now my plate is complete. But I will need something to wash my meal down with so I would probably want a glass of scotch (preferably a double of Glenmorangie Bacalta).

The Ideal Location

Greece is number one on my traveling bucket list, so that is where my three guests and I will be heading for the evening. I can just picture us sitting on a cliffside balcony in Santorini or Mykonos overlooking the deep blues of the Aegean Sea as the sun sets out over the water. That view would be breathtaking, and I think my guests would love it just as much as I would.

Guest #1 – LeBron James

LeBron has been redefining the game of basketball since I was in fifth or sixth grade, which is essentially when I really started getting into sports. He is easily one of the most talented athletes of my generation, so why wouldn’t I want to enjoy a meal with him!? He also seems like he would be an absolute electric dinner guest. I would have to get all the details on coming back from that 3-1 deficit to beat the Warriors in 2016 too. And who knows, maybe he likes me so much that he gives me a spot working for his show or something.

For food, LeBron is definitely going Surf and Turf. Maybe a cedar plank salmon paired with one of his favorite cuts of meat. He will most likely avoid the deliciously unhealthy mac n cheese that I will be consuming, which means he will probably pair his meal with some sort of mixed greens or salad. I know for a fact he will be washing down his meal with wine… everyone knows how much of a wine guy LeBron is!

Guest #2 – Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd is probably the greatest actor (and all around human being) of all time, so it would be hard for me to not include him in a hypothetical dinner party. One of my favorite movies of his is I Love You, Man so you already know without a doubt we will be slapping da bass before dinner. He actually seems like the nicest guy of all time too, so I think I would get along great with him.

For Paul, I see him going with some type of Italian dish. I’m mainly making this decision off another article I read a while back where Paul claimed how much he loved chicken Parmesan. His favorite spot was back in his hometown, I think, and he and his mom used to go all the time when he was growing up. He even still takes her every year if i’m not mistaken! So I could see him ordering some sort of veal or chicken parm dish and pairing it with some sort of IPA. Not sure why, but he definitely looks like a beer guy (when he isn’t filming for Ant-Man of course).

Guest #3 – Tyrion Lannister

For those of you who haven’t read any of my prior work, I am a massive Game of Thrones fan. So yes, I said Tyrion Lannister, and no I do not mean Peter Dinklage! I’m in no way saying Peter wouldn’t be a fantastic dinner guest, but I would just prefer Tyrion to be the one who shows up in my hypothetical Greek feast. The witty banter he provides would have LeBron, Paul, and I rolling on the floor clutching our stomachs in pain from laughter. Not to mention, he and Paul Rudd’s dynamic would probably be to die for. Maybe I would even finally get to hear Tyrion’s “honeycomb and jackass” joke! And while Tyrion tells it Paul can goofily act out everything he says. That would be something I would pay to watch! 

Tyrion is 100% going to order some sort of fresh game hot off the spit for dinner. I’m sure he will start with some appetizers too, maybe some grapes or a fresh loaf of bread with some assortment of cheeses from across the lands. He obviously will have a glass, or twelve, of the finest vintage of Arbor Gold that is available. Maybe he will even save a taste of Westeros’s sweet and delicious wine for LeBron, or maybe he will just give us all a cask to take home!

Unfortunately this something I will more than likely never get to experience, but it is nice to think how crazy it would be if it did. I hope you all enjoyed my take on this question and if you have an idea of who you would want at your dream dinner party I’d love to hear. Be sure to go check out the rest of my posts and explore my site a little too, I’d greatly appreciate some feedback!