Six Things to Know About Owning a Husky

Six Things to Know About Owning a Husky

Are you looking into getting a husky? Are you curious about their temperament or what you’d be in for if you found yourself with a cute little husky pup? Well then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide I’ll cover some key topics that many people don’t know about huskies and I’ll even provide some real life examples from my husky, Addison.

A Husky Can Survive Outside of Cold Weather

Do you know how many times people have asked why I would own a husky in Florida? The answer to that is WAY too many. Just because huskies are typically cold weather dogs doesn’t mean they are struggling to survive in warmer weather. The crazy thing is that they actually adapt when in warmer climates. The same fur coat that keeps them warm during harsh winters is also what cools them down when they are hot! Granted, warmer temperatures require more attention, such as giving plenty of water and always making sure there is some shade nearby, but it is not a life or death situation to have a husky in sunshine. This actually leads me directly into my next point, which is…

You Should Never, and I Mean Never, Give a Husky a Haircut!

This is actually like the worst thing you could ever do for a husky that lives in warmer weather. As I mentioned above, that fur is what keeps them cool, but without that fur your husky could also get sun burnt. Huskies have extremely sensitive skin when it comes to sunlight and can get burnt very easily. So if you’re truly worried about your husky’s body temperature, buy them a kiddie pool and let them soak a little after play time!

Huskies are Vocal, Extremely Vocal

Now when I say vocal, I don’t mean they are constantly barking at every dog, squirrel, or human that walks by your house. I mean that when they want something, or sometimes just because, they will make the funniest howling noises directly at you. Of course, this also comes with a lot of whining when they want something you aren’t giving them too. It’s actually pretty entertaining to have such a talkative dog though. I can have entire conversations, full of different whines, growls, and howls with Addison.

They Are Some of the Most Energetic Dogs

This is no joke, huskies will run you under the bridge twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You should anticipate giving the typical husky at least an hour of exercise a day, but should probably keep that closer to two hours if you ever want to sleep. Our husky will literally run sprints around the inside of house on days when we can’t go outside. She also loves fetch on a ridiculous level and will chase a ball across our back room for hours at a time. Lately, she’s also picked up this strange new habit where she will kangaroo hop around the house while chasing toys. The funny thing is, even if you can’t get them that full hour or two a day, they will find a way to get it themselves.

The Intelligence of Huskies is Underrated

According to canine psychologist Stanley Coren, the typical husky is only of “average” intelligence. In his trials, they landed at 74th of 138 dog breeds. His test, essentially, only factors in the number of attempts to learn a new command, and the success rate that a dog will obey any given command on the first try. Addison could be an outlier, but she has picked up on every command we have given her in much less time than what this experiment shows. For instance, when we got Addy she was only 8 weeks old and one of the first things we taught her was ringing the bell when she needed to use the bathroom. Within five or ten bathroom trips in her first few days with us, she was already religiously ringing that bell. She also picked up on “leave it” and “gentle” with only about a half day’s worth of practice.

But this leads me to a third category that I believe should have been included in Coren’s trials; stubbornness. Huskies are notoriously known for being some of the most stubborn breeds and I can wholeheartedly agree with that statement. I think it’s important to factor this into the intelligence rating though, because 100% of the time, Addison knows if she is or isn’t going to follow our commands. Her mood and our tone can lead to immense stubbornness or little to none. But if removed, I’d bet huskies ranked much higher among those same 138 breeds in Coren’s trials. It goes without saying though that huskies are much more intelligent than they’re given credit for.

Your Husky Will NOT be an Off-Leash Dog

Another thing you should probably know about huskies is that they aren’t the greatest off-leash dogs. They are crazy quick, very agile, and more intelligent than one may think. Those three things combined equal the perfect escape artist. We almost never take Addy off leash when she’s outside purely for precautionary reasons. In the past, She has snuck through multiple people to make it outside and taken off after the first thing that steals her attention. Luckily for us, she was smart enough to realize she needed to come back after about a 100-yard sprint down the street!

So for all of you thinking about bringing a husky into your life, remember the six things I’ve mentioned above. While you may think some of these things are deal breakers or that they make huskies bad pups, just remember this. For all the stubborn sass, intense energy, and vocality your husky will provide, they will bring even more joy, cuddles, and laughter.

Thanks for reading my guide on huskies! I read something similar to this before Addison joined our family. It was such a great help I thought I’d write my own for all of you. If you like this content, be sure to check out the rest here. Thanks again!