A Song of Ice and Fire Review

A Song of Ice and Fire Review

Welcome back! It’s so crazy to think were already halfway through our first YEAR of weekly reviews. We’ve covered some awesome subjects over the last 23 weeks, but this week we will dive into one of my favorite authors, George R. R. Martin (AKA G.R.R.M.) and his fantasy series, ASOIAF.

G.R.R.M., as I’ve already mentioned, is one of my favorite authors. His A Song of Ice and Fire series may just end up being my favorite series of all time too. Granted, only five of the seven books have been released, but G.R.R.M. would really need to screw up to taint the series for me. And in all honesty, the way the TV series ended I cant imagine its anywhere but up from there.

Game of Thrones (2012) Episode Title: Blackwater Season 2, Episode 9 Air Date: May 27, 2012 Jerome Flynn as Bronn

These first two books were masterfully crafted yet they didn’t really do much for me. I had already watched the first few seasons of Game of Thrones so everything was already pretty redundant. That is in no way G.R.R.M.’s fault though, as I just didn’t know the books were there until it was too late. Plus HBO essentially copied the books word for word. Book three was where this series really began standing out for me. As little details that had been left out of the show began surfacing in the book, my mind immediately started thinking of all the potential theories arising (ahem, reddit). Little did I know, these books had been out for ages by the time I got to them in 2018, and there was an unimaginable amount of theories for me to sift through.

Books four and five of ASOIAF then began to drastically change. New characters, new places traveled, and new story lines that are so much more interesting than the ones HBO went with (no shade at HBO, just think the mastermind’s story was better lol). These books are also extremely interesting because they were originally one book. G.R.R.M. actually had these two books as one but had to split it due to size. This pushed his six book series to seven, and led to another six years of waiting for his beloved fans. He really descends into the other areas of his realm in these two books as well.

These books will easily go down as some of the greatest fantasy books of all time. They’re even a pretty big piece of the reason I began writing my own book. I wanted to immerse myself in my own Seven Kingdoms, and G.R.R.M. 100% opened that door for me. I don’t think I, or the countless others, could ever thank him enough.