titanite stone

Titanite Tier

This tier will contain items such as early artwork ideas, giveaways & drawings, full access to the entire site (including all areas regarding Brightblood, The Rift, and The Dawn), Other side stories/mini series, and much more!


Gold Tier

This tier will include everything from the Bronze Tier as well as the following: Longer snippets/Full Chapters from Brightblood, Guild lists & descriptions, Villain/Creature guides, Access to “The Dawn” information as it becomes available, and more as I see fit.


Bronze Tier

This tier will showcase snippets of chapters as they are finished as well as other general book knowledge. Things you could expect to under “general book knowledge” would be as follows: Detailed Brightblood character descriptions, race & religion descriptions, How I came up with certain aspects of my novel, etc.

Basic Member

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