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Welcome to DustyPosts! If you head to my blog you will find a wide array of content. If you follow the menu links to The Dawn, The Rift, or Brightblood, you will be immersed within the realm of Delahden, a fantasy world I have crafted for the stories that you can find within my books. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my site!

The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 4

WARNING: This post contains spoilers! The Last of Us Part II Review (Part V – Chapter 4 Chapter 4 – Seattle Day 3 Road to the Aquarium We begin day three of Ellie’s Seattle trek as she awakens from her St. Mary’s Flashback. We get an awesome shot of just how much damage her body … Continue reading The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 4


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DustyPosts – Novel Subscriptions

Bronze Tier ($5): This first tier will mainly showcase snippets of completed chapters as well as other general book knowledge as I complete and see fit to share. Things you could expect to find under “general book knowledge” would be as follows: Detailed character descriptions, race & religion descriptions, my thought process on creating certain aspects within the realm of Delahden, etc.

Gold Tier ($7): This tier would include everything from the Bronze Tier above as well as potential early access to full chapters from Brightblood, access to my Bestiary spreadsheet within Google Drive, and early updates on anything Brightblood, The Rift, or the Dawn related.

Titanite Tier ($10): On top of everything from both the Bronze and Gold Tiers, you can also expect No ads anywhere on DustyPosts! The Titanite subscription will remove as many, if not all, ads across the ENTIRE site, and you can also expect early concept ideas for the realm, potential giveaways, updated mini-series info, and whatever else I see fit for my top tiered subs!

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