My Weekly Recommendation (#5) (6/17/19)

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My Weekly Recommendation (#5) – Smartwatches

Welcome back! On this weeks recommendation, I’ll be talking about smart watches, and more specifically why I love the Apple Watch.

I began dabbling in the smartwatch game a little over a year ago with a knock-off from Amazon. I had taken some time off from my usual workout routine and wanted something to track my daily steps, but I also didn’t want to pay $400 for an Apple Watch. It served its purpose for about six months before I received a Fossil smartwatch for my birthday. While the Fossil was exceedingly nicer, it wasn’t waterproof and was just a bit more difficult to actually track steps/exercise. This brings me to the Apple Watch I bought about a month ago, and I have to say it is beyond worth the money. You can get the prior generation (gen 3) off of Amazon for about $200, which is right about the same as the Fossil I owned.

Having the Apple Watch has almost made it fun keeping track of my activity again. Of course, you can have it set up for constant reminders to keep moving, but my favorite part is probably that when you see how close you are to your goals you want to put that extra bit of work in to close your rings. Not to mention it seems much more accurate than the knock-off smartwatch (surprise, surprise) and somewhat more accurate than the Fossil.

So for any of you looking to get a smartwatch I recommend doing some research to see which ones fit your goals and budget!

My Weekly Recommendation (#4) (6/11/19)

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My Weekly Recommendation (#4) – MCT Oil

This week’s recommendation will cover something new that I have been adding to my morning routine, MCT oil. MCT stands for Medium Chain-Triglycerides and these fatty oils are easily digested by our bodies. I started adding MCT into my morning cup of coffee for a little extra kick to start my day, but since then I have learned that MCT oil has health benefits I didn’t even know about! These fats are great for fueling your brain in the morning but can also help burn extra fat, strengthen your immune system, and even help reduce Lactate for those of us with extremely active lifestyles. I currently use a vanilla creamer-based oil that goes right into my coffee, but there are many other types and flavors that can be put in (or on) just about anything. Since adding this to my routine, I have 100% noticed more energy as well as increased clarity, which has been great for getting some early morning writing in. So, if you’re looking for an extra pick-me-up in the AM, I strongly suggest looking into adding MCT oil to your diet.

Thanks for reading this weeks rec!

My Weekly Recommendation (#3) (6/4/19)

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My Weekly Recommendation (#3) – Subscribing to HBO

Hey everyone! This week I’m recommending that you all go out and subscribe to HBO. It’s $15 a month (which I know is a lot, especially if stacked on top of other streaming services) but in my opinion it’s 100% worth it. HBO continues to push out amazing content regularly, and this summer is going to be packed full of amazing shows. We have Succession and Big Little Lies coming back for their (better word for second?) seasons, which I am beyond stoked about by the way, and countless new shows like Watchmen, Gentleman Jack, and Euphoria. Not to mention, your subscription comes with plenty of already aired shows that are well worth the watch; Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire, etc. And for those of you who don’t want to add another app or streaming site to your list, Hulu has the cool feature of adding HBO directly to your account! Another must watch show they put out was Chernobyl, a five-part miniseries depicting the events that transpired when the nuclear plant in Pripyat went haywire back in the 80’s. They did a really great job with this in my opinion, and it alone would probably be worth $15 over the next month! But no matter what your summer binging plans consist of, I highly suggest you sprinkle some of the magnificence that HBO has created on top.

My Weekly Recommendation (#2) (5/28/19)

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My Weekly Recommendation (#2) – New Orleans Cuisine

Hey everyone, on this week’s rec I’ll be talking about one of my favorite things, food! More specifically, the mouth-watering flavors that stem from New Orleans authentic Po-Boys and Jambalaya. Now, I have been a fan of Po-Boys for quite some time but I had never actually eaten an authentic New Orleans Po-Boy. It’s safe to say I can no longer eat them back in Florida because they just aren’t the same! My favorite Po-Boy, the Surf and Turf, came from Johnny’s Po-Boys in the French Quarter. Their menu is endless, ranging from regular Po-Boys with shrimp to Po-Boys stacked with roast beef, lettuce, and mayo. This will no doubt be the first stop on my list the next time I’m back in New Orleans, which hopefully happens soon. I did experiment last week with my own Po-Boy recipe though and it was pretty tasty, so maybe I’ll share that recipe with you all soon!

Next up is the Jambalaya, which has become a staple in my diet since traveling to NOLA late last year. I was lucky enough to be in New Orleans during the Tremé Creole Gumbo Fest, and it was quite the experience. With about 15 places to stop and try different New Orleans cuisines, it was THE pitstop on the way to foodie heaven. Over the course of two hours, I enjoyed an amazing bowl of gumbo, a heaping portion of jambalaya, and a golden square of fried grits (A.K.A. PERFECTION) before my stomach no longer had the room to enjoy the delicacies I was still dying to try. There was also live music the entire time, and all of the acts were NOLA natives which was super cool. This fest is definitely something I would recommend attempting to get to at some point as well if you can! All things considered, my rating of NOLA cuisine is 10/10 and if you’ve never been I highly suggest making your way there soon.

My Weekly Recommendation (#1) (5/23/19)

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My Weekly Recommendation (#1) – The CW’s Supernatural

Good afternoon all and welcome to my first weekly rec post! Going forward I will be posting a weekly recommendation every Tuesday/Wednesday afternoon. It will simply be a brief paragraph on one of my favorite shows, books, or recipes that I think you should give a shot over the next few weeks. So let’s jump right in. My first recommendation for everyone this week is the show Supernatural. Now, this show and its 14 seasons may represent quite the burden to take on but I promise if you give it a shot you will love it. Supernatural is in my top three list of shows (to see the other two, LINK) and I have watched with my dad since I was twelve or thirteen years old. The show is about two brothers who are “Hunters” and save people from evil beings/creatures. Whether it be an angered spirit or Lucifer himself, Sam and Dean do their damndest to defend the citizens of Earth. I personally think the writing in this show is incredible. It can be somewhat cheesy at times, but it always ties back to something and leaves that feeling of nostalgia on your brain. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are incredible as well, and they’re presumably the key reason this fanbase is so crazy in love with the show. It has been running since 2005, so some of the scenes/effects from the earlier seasons may not be the greatest. However, If you stick with it and watch through you will be amazed at how far this show has come. Regrettably, Supernatural will be ending after this upcoming season. But if you start binging now you can be a part of the final one with me when it airs later this year!

Thanks again for the read. Be sure to watch out for my second weekly rec next Tuesday, Have great weekend everyone!