My Weekly Recommendation (#15)

My Weekly Recommendation (#15) – Brightburn

Welcome to another DustyPosts weekly Recommendation! My recommendation for this week is the movie Brightburn. It is a horror/sci-fi that is essentially based on Superman, but what it would have been like if became a villain and used his powers to “take the world.” While it didn’t really feel like a horror movie, it was still very solid in my opinion. It could have used a little more plot (or maybe even just 10-15 more minutes of movie) to really get things going, but It starts getting really good right at the end. And even though it felt more like a thriller than a horror, there were still some horror elements to the movie that were done quite well. There is one scene about halfway through the movie that almost made me lose my dinner. Brandon (evil Superman if you will) chases after his uncle who is attempting to escape in his truck. I don’t want to give too much detail here, but it is quite the injury his uncle sustains. Overall, I would rate this movie a 7/10. It had loads of room for improvement, and I could easily see the producers adding in more of a horror element into a second or third movie. I mean, this was an origin story after all so it makes sense why there was more detail/dialogue than fighting/death. Even if you don’t like superhero movies, I would still suggest watching this unique adaptation of the Superman story. 

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My Weekly Recommendation (#14)

My Weekly Recommendation (#14) – Wrigley Field Ivy Tour

Welcome back! On this weeks recommendation, I will be discussing something I did on vacation in Chicago last weekend… a tour of Wrigley Field!

For starters, Wrigley has always been a field I knew I had to visit at some point in my life. It falls second to Fenway but still lands before Oracle, which are both fields I haven’t had the chance to travel to yet. I am a Red Sox fan, but my girlfriend is a massive Cubs fan (and by massive I mean we watch almost every single game). So naturally they have grown on me quite a bit over the last year. I knew we would be in Chicago about four months ago, so I went ahead and bought some Ivy Tour tickets for the little bit of free time we still had left in our schedule.

I had only been to Chicago once before my trip last weekend. While there, I spent almost a full day near Wrigley. It was late December though, so they were in the middle of renovation season. With that being said, I was still in awe being near such an incredible piece of MLB history. So this time around, getting to experience almost all of the stadium was mesmerizing. So much has happened within its walls, much of which I would’ve never even thought was true, and it was such a spectacular experience to finally see it in all of its glory.

After standing around outside the stadium for 15 minutes or so, we were finally allowed in with a group of about 40 or so other people before being walked through the concession area and out to the stands. It was magnificent. Everything I could’ve ever imagined and more as my eyes shot around to every corner of the stadium. After getting some background information/fun facts about the origin of the stadium, we made our way over to the Budweiser Bleachers. From there we went down to the ivy (which was hands down the best part) before visiting the visiting teams locker room, the Press Box, and finally the Cubs Dugout. They even let us stand on one of the on deck circles that the Cubs themselves use! It was probably one of the coolest tours I have EVER done while on a vacation, and I would highly recommend doing it if ever in Chicago.

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My Weekly Recommendation (#13)

My Weekly Recommendation (#13) – Upwork

For this week’s recommendation I wanted to talk a little about Upwork. It is a freelance job site that allows you to spend credits for a wide array of jobs. You can find anything from building Excel tables to writing novels, and it is incredibly simple to use. I’m not sure where my writing career would be if I hadn’t stumbled across this wonderful site and I can’t wait to hear how much it helps everyone else!

This site was what actually got my writing career under way almost five months ago. It all started with one or two small copy writing jobs before someone was kind enough to take a chance on me with a few small articles. Both of those articles were published to Medium (#1 and #2) and I could not have been more proud of myself. After a month or so working for that first company, I picked up a second gig writing summaries of Netflix shows. That has quickly evolved into detailed listicle writing and in depth breakdowns of some of my favorite video games too. 

From there came my first real writing “job” however. With a fully functioning blog site, some published articles, and a fresh resume I was able to land a sports writing job. Basically a dream come true if you ask me! So with all of that being said, for any of you who are new to writing (or even if you just aren’t sure how to land that first job), be sure to go check out Upwork.

My Weekly Recommendation (#12)

My Weekly Recommendation (#12) – The Witcher III

As I sit and wait for Netflix’s original The Witcher series, I found myself reminiscing of the days back in 2015 when The Witcher III: Wild Hunt was released. It hadn’t been long after that before I logged into my PlayStation and purchased the game, which I haven’t quit playing since. I forgot how incredible this game was, and for so many reasons too. 

Of course, my first go-round back in the day was on an Xbox, so the first thing I observed after logging in was the superior graphics. The hills, trees, and skies off in the distance are more mesmerizing than I recall. And as I mowed my way through some of the earlier creatures, I noticed how smooth the combat mechanics still were. And how could I not mention the storyline! Each and every quest builds upon the next so effortlessly. The conversations between Gerald and the NPCs throughout the story are written so well. Everything about this game is still incredible, and I can’t wait to dive deeper into it over the next few weeks.

So for all the gamers out there, I highly suggest giving The Witcher III: Wild Hunt a go as soon as you can. And for those who have already played the game, go back and play it again! The world is filled with quests and Easter eggs, and I bet there is still something new out there for you. After all, this game was given all those awards for a reason!

My Weekly Recommendation (#11)

My Weekly Recommendation (#11) – The Boys

Welcome back! On this weekly recommendation I will be discussing Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys, which was a show my dad literally got me into yesterday. Just as a warning, this show is very graphic. I’ll also do my best to give no spoilers but read at your own risk!

So for starters, the story of the show so far is extremely intriguing. It’s basically a modern day superhero show shown from a few different perspectives: 1) A normal guy who recently underwent a tragedy and makes friends with some deadly people, 2) a sup (pronounced “soup, what people with powers are called in the show) who is finally living her dream in the big leagues if you will, and 3) Other sup’s/people working with sup’s views on everything going on in the world.

They also don’t use ANY of the typical hero’s you would expect to see in the superhero genre. A lot of the characters may be knockoffs in certain ways, but it’s refreshing to see a new take on someone with say, the ability to talk to fish underwater. This show also does an incredible job showing the human nature side of things for the sup’s and that is what leads to a bunch of drama within what I have watched so far.

Along with the story’s freshness and the comedic relief that comes along with a few of the characters comes some very dark and disturbing things. I almost feel like a terrible person at times while i’m watching because something absolutely heinous will happen and I find myself getting drawn in even more because of it. And as I mentioned earlier, it is unimaginably graphic. Whether it be the sex, death, or blood, this show is one you will need to watch once the kids are asleep.

I’ve only made it about halfway through the first season so far, but I would rate this show a nine out of ten every day of the week. I strongly recommend giving it a shot even if you aren’t into shows like this typically, but for those of you who are I would guarantee you will find yourself just as sucked into the show as I am.

P.S. Keep an eye out on for my review of season one and anticipation guide for season two! It will be released as soon as I finish the show over the next few days.

My Weekly Recommendation (#10)

My Weekly Recommendation (#10) – Avocado Bombs

Welcome back to another rendition of my weekly recommendation! This week I will be discussing avocado bombs, which I just recently tried for the first time. These green balls of heaven are typically something you will find at a Japanese or sushi restaurant. Im sure they have different names depending on where exactly you go, but no matter what you must try one the next time you decide to eat sushi.

So these avocado bombs are essentially a rolled up ball of shredded crab that is encased in avocado slices. I’m not even sure how one would get an avocado to stay in a circular shape, but I do know that the combination of flavors this brings to the table is insane. They also will typically glaze the top part of the avocado ball with some eel sauce, spicy mayo, and crunchy flakes for additional flavor. It is somewhat challenging to eat with chopsticks, even for people who usually don’t have any problems using them, but it is well worth the struggle. So get up and head to your nearest sushi joint to see if they have these bad boys because they will literally change your life forever!

P.S. if you google these images you’ll see the exact reason you need to go try them ASAP. I myself just found out that some places also will wrap the avocado in bacon… so I will be searching for a place near me that does soon. It can also be done without crab meat for those of you who aren’t seafood fans!

My Weekly Recommendation (#9)

My Weekly Recommendation (#9) – My Jambalaya Recipe

Good Morning Everyone! In this week’s recommendation I will be walking you through how I make one of my favorite meals, Jambalaya. If you go alllll the way back to week two (<– Hyperlink) of my recommendations, you can see that I am a huge fan of New Orleans/Cajun based foods. Upon returning from my first NOLA trip, I decided that I was going to start making my own Cajun inspired meals because I simply could not wait until my next trip to eat the delicacies of New Orleans. And with that came my first attempt at Jambalaya. It was pretty good, but over the last six months I have nearly perfected the recipe and decided that I would share with you all. I hope you enjoy 🙂


  • One Cajun Style Andouille Smoked Sausage (Preferably Hillshire Farms)
  • One to two pounds of chicken (breast or thighs, your preference)
  • One 32 oz. container of chicken broth
  • One 24 oz. container of diced tomatoes
  • One large onion
  • One pound of shrimp (preferably fresh)
  • Oregano
  • Garlic powder or garlic salt (Can be substituted with fresh garlic as well)
  • Cajun/Creole Seasoning (preferably Tony Chachere’s)
  • One to four cups rice (depending on how many you will be feeding)


  • Dice the Andouille sausage and brown in a pan until one side is slightly black/crisp.
  • Cut chicken to your desired size and brown in a similar fashion to the sausage. As its cooking, add in the oregano and garlic salt/powder to flavor the chicken.
  • Once both meats are finished, dump them into a large pot (should be at least 20 Qt’s, this recipe makes quite a bit of food!)
  • Turn your stove to a low-medium heat and add the onions and shrimp to the meat.
  • Place a lid on the pot and let steam for 15-20 minutes (This allows the onions to soften as well as the shrimp soaking up some of the flavors of both the chicken and the sausage).
  • Now the tomatoes and chicken broth can be added in.
  • Depending on how you like your Jambalaya, you will either use roughly one cup of broth or two to three cups.
  • For a thicker, more hearty Jambalaya, use only one cup.
  • For a more soupy, pour over Jambalaya, use two to three cups.
  • You may also begin cooking your rice now if you haven’t already!
  • After letting sit for roughly another 25 to 30 minutes on low-medium, you can remove from heat to let cool before you make a bowl.
  • This is typically where I add my creole seasoning as well. I will sprinkle just a touch over the rice right before the jambalaya is added.

And voila, you’re now in one of the many fine dining establishments located within the French Quarter! Thanks, and while you’re enjoying your scrumptious jambalaya be sure to let me know how it came out!

My Weekly Recommendation (#8)

My Weekly Recommendation (#8) – God of War

Welcome back to another weekly recommendation! This week I will briefly go over one of my favorite video games OF ALL TIME, God of War.

One of the main reasons this has climbed to the top of my favorite games is all of the mythological aspects. I started writing my book about halfway through April of this year, and one of the main things I focus on throughout the book is Norse Mythology. Of course, I have tweaked some aspects of the recognized mythology to add my own personal touch, but after one of my friends read the first chapter, he recommended God of War since it was in the same realm of what I wanted to pursue. And let me tell you what… this game was right up my alley. I put all of my free time into this game for roughly a month and completed 100% of the game. It was so neat delving deeper into the mythology that I was already researching for my book, and to see the spin that the developers took on the mythology that they added into their game.

Another reason God of War is a must play for any of you who own a PlayStation is the fighting. The Leviathan Axe/Blades of Chaos combo is insane and welding them both was an absolute treat. Not to mention the graphics of the game are on another level, especially for someone who had been an Xbox gamer their entire lives. The runic attacks add another layer of incredible right on top of the God of War cake that has been so masterfully created. They effortlessly flow between regular attacks and the graphics behind them were just plain beautiful. All of this mixed with the countless available hours of exploration are the perfect equation for a game that I would rate 10 out of 10.

So, for anyone who is looking into a new PlayStation game, or even if you just want to finally make the switch from Xbox as I recently did, I strongly recommend adding God of War to your list of games to buy. 

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions for content or just general feedback they would like to give, feel free to shoot me a message through the site. Thanks again for another week of reading and support!

My Weekly Recommendation (#8) (7/2/19)

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My Weekly Recommendation (#8) – Wizards Unite

Good Morning Everyone! I’m sure many of you are already well into this weeks recommendation, but I still had to share why Niantic’s most recent release (Wizards Unite) is a must play for this summer.

Where do I even begin!? My excitement for this game has been palpable over the last few months. Wizards unite is an actual reality game for your phone/tablet that allows you to help save the wizarding world from “The Calamity”. It is essentially PokémonGo, but for Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts fans like myself. I was a hugeeeee fan of this new genre when Pokémon Go released in mid 2016, but I am much more of a Harry Potter fan than I am a Pokémon fan so this is huge for me.

Over the last week and a half I have logged quite a few hours into Wizards Unite, and I am not even one bit ashamed. It has brought me back to my childhood while also encouraging me to go out and explore the realm of witches and wizards that I wished I could have been a part of since the second grade. It immerses you in the wizatding world we all grew to love over the years and allows you to cast spells, create potions, and even unlock portkeys!

There are some things that I believe could be tweaked over the upcoming weeks to make the game play better (easier energy refills, more portkey backgrounds, etc.) but all in all I would rate Wizards Unite a nine out of ten! So for all of you Harry Potter geeks out there, or even people who just like AR games, go download and explore Wizards Unite now!

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My Weekly Recommendation (#6) (6/25/19)

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My Weekly Recommendation (#6) – J. Cole

Welcome back! This week’s recommendation is based off one of my all-time favorite artists, J. Cole. I know that a lot of people aren’t the biggest Hip-Hop/R&B fans, but what Cole does is out of this world. Notice how I said he was one of my favorite artists… that is because I truly see him as an artist and not only a musician. He is one of the most talented rappers and has a way with words unlike any other person in the game today. His music is poetry in my opinion, and there is always a meaning behind every word he says. He is one of those artists that I cannot bring myself to skip when he pops up on a playlist. I find everything about him and his story so interesting. So even if you aren’t a Hip-Hop/R&B fan I suggest giving J. Cole a chance. You never know, his lyricism may surprise you just enough to actually enjoy his music!