My Weekly Review (#3) – HBO

My Weekly Review (#3) – Subscribing to HBO

Hey everyone! This week I’m recommending that you all go out and subscribe to HBO. It’s $15 a month (which I know is a lot, especially if stacked on top of other streaming services) but in my opinion it’s 100% worth it. HBO continues to push out amazing content regularly, and this summer is going to be packed full of amazing shows. We have Succession and Big Little Lies coming back for their (better word for second?) seasons, which I am beyond stoked about by the way, and countless new shows like Watchmen, Gentleman Jack, and Euphoria.

Not to mention, your subscription comes with plenty of already aired shows that are well worth the watch; Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire, etc. And for those of you who don’t want to add another app or streaming site to your list, Hulu has the cool feature of adding HBO directly to your account! Another must watch show they put out was Chernobyl, a five-part miniseries depicting the events that transpired when the nuclear plant in Pripyat went haywire back in the 80’s. They did a really great job with this in my opinion, and it alone would probably be worth $15 over the next month!

But no matter what your summer binging plans consist of, I highly suggest you sprinkle some of the magnificence that HBO has created on top. Thanks again for reading my weekly recommendation. As always, please leave some feedback and give my page a follow so you can experience all of my content. I’d love to hear from all of my wonderful readers, so be sure to rate/comment often!

The End of It All – Game of Thrones Tribute

The End of It All – A Game of Thrones Tribute

It’s official, Game of Thrones is over. After staying positive the entire season, I finally cracked last night during the finale. The episode as a whole was underwhelming in my eyes. With that being said, there were some parts that I thought were executed flawlessly… but most of the episode was dull and what wasn’t dull was just plain bad.

Around 44 minutes in is where my initial issue was. After Jon kills Dany, Drogon grabs her lifeless body with his back talons and flies away with her. I was not a fan of this at all, but I can also see why they did it at least. Once Dany was dead, the only options for Drogon were to 1) fly away, 2) be killed, or 3) be fine with the fact that his mother was just murdered and bow down to the murderer. Number 2 seemed incredibly unlikely figuring that all of the scorpions had just been destroyed. I thought maybe Bronn would come back into the story here but wasn’t quite sure how he would take Drogon down without some sort of massive weapon. Number 3 just didn’t make sense, and Drogon was too connected to Dany to ever allow Jon to mount him after he kills her. That leaves us number 1, which makes sense, I merely didn’t enjoy the fact that he scooped our Khaleesi up and took her with him.

This brings me to my subsequent issue with the episode, which was the absolute nonsense Jon Snow was put through for the remainder of the episode. First off, the fact that the Unsullied and Dothraki did not kill Jon after he stabbed their queen makes zero sense. Plus, knowing Jon, he for sure went out and did the “honorable” thing and just told them. And since we’re talking about Jon, I also hated that they sent him back to the Night’s Watch as punishment. I get that he couldn’t stay in King’s Landing and that Grey Worm probably wanted him dead. But the fact that you dispatched a man who already DIED for the Night’s Watch back to Castle Black blows my mind. Plus like, didn’t all of the crows die? We know the Lord Commander died protecting Sam in the battle of Winterfell. And We know the wall by Eastwatch is absolute rubble. Not to mention the wildlings are no longer enemies AND the White Walkers are all dead, so why send John to the wall? I did love the fact that he just peaced out once he got there. And maybe he and Ghost were just meant to be north of the wall. I’m just saying though, why couldn’t he go back to the Winterfell and help Sansa rule or head west of Westeros with Arya? Overall just a tragic episode for one of my favorite characters.

Next up, the dragon pit scene, which seemed to take place quite some time after the battle judging by Tyrion’s dope beard he had grown. This group had gathered to decide his fate and decide who would rule the six kingdoms next. The thing that bugged me here (besides the water bottle) was that Bran was decided as the “best fit” to rule Westeros. Yet two episodes ago he desired nothing and could be nothing because he was the three-eyed raven. What changed Bran? And then the line where he basically says he knew and that why he was there… like wtf haha. There was also the unknown Dornish prince or whatever in attendance. I’ve been seeing many people say it has to be Quentyn Martell, but he died at the end of A Dance with Dragons so that makes no sense whatsoever. I think the thing that I am most salty about here is the fact that Bran ends up being our guy. And to touch on the water bottle, HOW in the absolute hell did they miss this?! This was not the first time this season, nor the last, that we would see something that didn’t belong in the show. I just can’t wrap my mind around it. How do we end up with three mishaps after so much money was dumped into the creation/review of this show? It’s utterly unacceptable for a series of this caliber.

All things considered, I probably would have rated this episode a 5/10. I did thoroughly enjoy the Tyrion scenes,and his dialogue was killer throughout the episode. Not to mention, they had so much loop back around to older episodes and quotes too. I also kind of enjoyed the fact that Bran selected him to be his Hand as well. And of course, how could I forget about the incredible shot of Dany when Drogon spread his wings and she looked like she transformed into a dragon herself. The cinematography this season was incredible, so shouts to everyone who worked in that area. If only we could have gotten some of that talent on the writing side of things… haha. But, no matter how upset I am with the finale, Game of Thrones will forever be one of my favorite shows of all time. The way this all ended may have pushed Breaking Bad up into the #1 spot for me in all honesty. But, I’m sure when I do my re-watch in a few years (or maybe a few months) I’ll remember just how special this show truly was. It sucks that it concluded the way it did, and the fact that it’s over is heartbreaking. At least we all got 8 good years out of it though, right? Thanks for all the memories Game of Thrones!

P.S. GRRM, release the sixth book, pretty please with a cherry on top. I need more information on this incredible world you’ve built ASAP!