Brightblood: A Fantasy Novel Series


Brightblood: A Fantasy Novel Series

DISCLAIMER: The things you will read on this page are fiction that I have mixed with many historical and mythological accuracies. I took a lot of creative freedoms from a wide range of ancient cultures and their lore to craft these ideas into my own. These are my interpretations of how I would have liked to see things play out if I was able to witness these magnificent events. Nothing on this page should be taken for fact or to accurately depict any race, religion, or mythological concept. Enjoy!

One thousand years after The Age of Man began, it finds itself at an abrupt halt after Orrowyn brovkos and his magic tear the realm apart. This destruction ushers Delahden into The Age of Accord, which shepherds the realm towards the height of its civilization nearly 500 years later, and where our story will begin.

Kaidrick Brightblood is a young man, twenty-one years of age, who finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Being raised as a member of The Order, he carries himself with respect, intelligence, and honor, yet his newfound magical abilities have him questioning everything he has ever known.

Havbjörn Abilgaurd is one of five Nepjan princelings vying to crowned King of his people. While traveling to complete his vision ritual that would finally grant him his wish, he stumbles across an ancient beast that was rumored to have been killed many years ago. In his struggle with the beast, Havbjörn quickly learns that the atrocities of life are awaiting he and his people back home, and that the life they all knew would soon be drastically changing.

Adiah Rudland’s story will begin in Oakport, the capital of The Heittlands. As an heir to her father’s throne, Adiah is growing every day towards accepting the responsibility of keeping her people and the realm of Delahden safe. She is betrayed by one of her closest friends in a time of uncertainty, and we find the young heroine struggling to grasp what she now is truly meant to do in this world.

Our heroes travel across Delahden in search of answers, all the while encountering vile creatures, overcoming unexplainable adversities, and attempting to rid Delahden of ancient beasts and the mage who is suddenly controlling them. Who will win the battle for Delahden, and more importantly, the battle for life itself?

This novel’s genre is a mix between Magical Realism, Mythic Fantasy, and Sword and Sorcery. It dives deep into the intricacies of young adulthood as our heroes learn the struggles that come with an age not filled with peace and prosperity. While none of these characters have had an easy life, they have also not known hardship. They have been trained by the best of the best and know nothing of poverty, resistance, or tragedy, yet they will soon learn what it takes to overcome these struggles and become their best selves.

Brightblood Character Descriptions (More detail to come soon!)


Kaidrick Brightblood

Adiah Rudland


Havbjörn Abilguard

Thanna Nerezza

Lands, Races, and Peoples of Delahden (More detail to come soon!)

Brightblood’s Magic System

The Magic system in the realm of Delahden is not a complex one. The magic itself is drawn from the earth, which is actually remnants of the frost giant Ymir’s body. Certain people can also tap into their own soul to draw additional magic, but this is highly frowned upon and comes at a hefty price. Any and all can “practice” magic, but not all can actually manifest the power needed to extract it from the earth.

Typically, once someone realizes they have the ability to use magic they will almost immediately know which of the four main fields they belong to; Artifice Magic, Philo Magic, Khaos Magic, or Life Magic. However, some may possess The Gift, which gives them the ability to use all four fields at will. There is a fifth, lesser known, field as well, and it is known as death magic. This is the magic that draws upon the soul to be cast, and it only calls upon those with The Gift.

Outside of Death Magic, there are no drawbacks associated with the use of magic. Too much of it at any given time can be detrimental the mind and body, but as a spell-caster ages and hones their abilities they also build up a higher threshold for that detriment. There is no limit to magic either, as it is drawn from a frost giants remains, and many test its boundaries regularly.

Magic is practiced across the realm of Delahden, but it is not accepted in all areas. The Humans of The Heittlands have banned it from their lands in hopes of keeping as much peace as possible, yet the Nordic folk of Nepja freely partake in it. The people of Ohtamoor survive on it, and you wouldn’t be surprised to find many refugees from The Heittlands who make their way across the border into its neighboring sister lands.

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