The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 4

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part V – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Seattle Day 3

Road to the Aquarium

We begin day three of Ellie’s Seattle trek as she awakens from her St. Mary’s Flashback. We get an awesome shot of just how much damage her body has taken over the past 48 hours before she loads up her gear and heads towards the front of the theater. As she opens the doors exiting the watch room and into the lobby, we see a sickly looking Dina sleeping on the couch as Jessie stands over her. The two make their way upstairs quietly to talk, and Jessie knows something is up. “Is she pregnant?” he asks her. Ellie hesitates, but tells Jessie the truth. This is cause to head back to Jackson in his mind, but Ellie can’t leave Tommy behind. So the two decide that the next move is to go grab Tommy from the aquarium and then turn back for Jackson ASAP, even if they don’t get the option to kill Abby.

We jump to Ellie and Jessie making their way through the city via a borderline destroyed road. The two eventually make their way to a point where they can no longer continue on their path, so they have to crouch down into a building and squeeze through some debris to move forward. There is a lot of supplies in this building (or at least on the lower difficulties there will be), so restock now if you’re running low after last chapter’s shenanigans. Once out of the building, Ellie and Jessie stumble across their first group of WLF soldiers. There will be four wandering and talking near a truck, but once they’re dead three more appear. If you crawl left the second you exit the building, you may be able to sneak by them all entirely, but it really depends on how quick you are. After the soldiers, the two must pass through another building. There are a ton comic items hanging all over the walls in here, and Jessie essentially has to explain comic con to Ellie here. The two continue pushing forward through the comic building and find themselves at a stretch of road where the road is no more. It has eroded and completely crumbled from who knows what, but a few jumps, climbs, and swims will get you out and into the next area. I do want to point out that pretty early on here there is a parking garage on the left-hand side of the road that is worth venturing into. It is full of loot and at least one collectable if I’m not mistaken, so you won’t want to miss that if you’re going for the platinum trophy.

From the road, the next building you enter should be a destroyed bookstore, and that is also stocked with supplies and collectibles (IGN Guide). Jessie and Ellie begin a conversation about Joel as they make their way through, and Ellie even brings up the fact that at one point, Joel that Jessie had the hots for Ellie. However, before they get too deep into their convo, they come across another group of WLF’s just outside the bookstore. One of their dogs just finished chasing down a Seraphite, and now they’re on the search for “any survivors”. These soldiers are pretty spread apart here, so if you hug the left side (yes, the left side again LOL) you can sneak past all of them (and kill the one or two who cross into your path) without any trouble. However, the right side dopes have a building full of supplies, so if you’re in dire need you may need to make your way over there for those.

From there, Ellie and Jessie make their way up and through a derelict building to see what lies ahead, and it ain’t pretty. The road is non-existent, most of the area is completely flooded by quick, rushing waters, and there is almost nothing for them to make their way towards the aquarium on. They notice a highway off in the distance, but it also appears to be flooded… with WLF trucks and soldiers. As they’re deciding that is also not the move, a boat drives by below them. Before they take off after it, Jessie points out that he wants to avoid any conflict to get the boat. Ellie agrees, but also notes that she will do whatever she needs to in order to get it. From here, Ellie and Jessie make their way down and into a building across the way before they jump down into some water below. They land right by a WLF team, who must be deaf to not hear the two just audibly land in the water about 15 feet from them, who mention something about a man causing trouble nearby. We swim over to a rope for the two to climb up before a cutscene triggers.

Essentially once they’re up the rope, Jessie sees a clear cut path to the marina (which ends up being a brutal chapter for Abby later on FYI) that wouldn’t require the boat or killing the 10 WLF’s surrounding it. He tells Ellie they don’t need it, and mentions how he believes the man the WLF’s were talking about has to be Tommy, but she disagrees. Ellie thinks that without the boat they won’t make it to Tommy in time and that this whole trip would be for nothing, so she is still going after the boat. The two split ways here, and we begin tackling the feat of sneaking/killing our way through this WLF infested boat lair.

There are probably 12 to 15 soldiers in here, most of which are pretty easy to kill while sneaking. However, the issue here is where their bodies end up as a few soldiers roam very large areas, thus causing risk for a body to trigger the soldiers who are still alive. I do want to mention that you can also skip a decent amount of them if you play your cards right. On your way to the boat, you can take out the first three or four, and then just jump down into the water near the boat, swim over, and take off. It’s a little harder on the higher difficulties, but if you’re on easy mode it’s a cake walk. From here, Ellie heads out of the boat lair and directly into the next subchapter.

The Flooded City

We now find ourselves in the flooded part of the city, and another of my favorite segments of the game. Exploring this area by boat was so cool and there was a lot of hidden areas/items to search for as well (IGN Guide here). However, before Ellie makes it too far we run into our first problem: a closed gate. Thankfully, all we needed to do here was hop out and open the gate, but I knew it wouldn’t be this easy throughout the rest of the chapter. There is also a few items and safe in this building, so go back to that IGN guide above if you’re interested in those. From here, we scoot down some small cascading waterfalls and run into another problem in the boat dying. Once again, Ellie is extremely lucky here and it starts right back up before anything bad can occur. If you head directly left after the engine dies, you will find a room that is somewhat hidden behind a blue tarp. This was the only thing I missed in my original play through of this chapter and can be very difficult to see if you are coming in from any other direction, so be sure to check that out for more loot.

As Ellie continues her push to Abby and Tommy, she eventually comes across an office building that is full of Seraphites that are taking out infected. This section blew my mind and is probably a top three area from the ENTIRE game. There was so much freedom to how you wanted to tackle the Seraphites. I took the approach of picking them off quietly one by one while on my boat, but there are a few other options as well. You could bum rush them if you are the aggressive type of player. You could climb up to the broken down monorail system above and snipe each and every Seraphite, or you could even not bother with them at all if you just want to move on with the story. After another (empty) building, we make our way to an arcade and another gate/pulley predicament. But, this one has something blocking the chain, and we must venture deeper into the arcade to solve it.

Grab the loot from the first floor and make your way up to the second for more gear and a workbench, before finally seeing the solution to our problem. A window that will lead us up and over the locked door, leaving us right next to the debris that needs to be removed for the gate to open. Ellie grabs a cart of boxes to push over, so she can reach the window, and disaster strikes. The floor collapses, and we find ourselves in the main part of the arcade, which also happens to be where a Shambler and some runners have been locked inside for who knows how long. Just a heads up, this Shambler is very similar to the Bloater from the Finding Strings flashback in the fact that it does not want to die. My first play through exhausted 95% of my ammo that I just restocked. And on my second play through with all the powered up weapons, it still took four explosive arrows and three revolver headshots before the bastard went down. Head back up to the second floor now and clear the debris so Ellie can continue on her way to the aquarium.

As we exit the arcade, we notice an absolute monsoon of a storm rolling into the coast of Seattle. Ellie continues pushing towards the aquarium, which requires leaving the safety of the calm city waters and out into the dangerously choppy open waters. The boat stalls out again, and this time Ellie isn’t so lucky. While trying to restart the engine, a wave crashes down on her and the boat, leaving her forced to swim the remaining few hundred yards to her destination. As she begins her swim, some huge waves come rolling in that cause her to be pulled under and tossed around quite a bit. They disorient and slow Ellie’s swimming of course, but if you dive under these waves you can avoid all of that nonsense and make your way to the aquarium much faster. Once safely on the beach, Ellie climbs up a boat and onto the deck of the aquarium before pushing into the final subchapter of Chapter Four.


As Ellie goes to open the aquarium door, she finds that it is locked. We must push right to the side of the building and climb up the ac unit to reach a section of the roof, where we then climb through a window and down into the building. Side note: there is an alcove under the right side of the deck that looks like it can be swum to… it cannot. I died three or four times here thinking there was something of value down there, and each time it resulted in a death sequence where Ellie’s head was bashed against the aquarium wall by the monstrous waves that appear from nowhere. Any who, once inside, we find ourselves in a creepy, dim lit area of the aquarium. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about infected wise in the aquarium, so you can push forward freely without any worries.

Ellie continues making her way through the aquarium until the only way forward is through an air duct system. Nothing good ever comes from a trip up into the air ducts, so get yourself ready for something to go wrong. Oooh, maybe I was wrong this time… OH NO, GOD NO. YOU’VE FALLEN INTO A ROOM, BEEN ATTACKED BY A DOG, AND HAD TO KILL THE DOG. Well, looks like I was right, nothing good ever comes from a trip into the air ducts (LOL). From here, we move out of the hallway where the dog (Alice) attacks us and into a surgical room. We stumble out of that room and come across another hallway with a door that has a gargantuan red crab painted on it. If you listen closely, you can hear peoples voices arguing behind it, so we know that is where we must head. As Ellie pushes the door open, a cutscene triggers just in time for us to hear Mel (Abby’s pregnant friend) yell at Owen (Abby’s ex-boyfriend/Mel’s current boyfriend) that people don’t return from that Island. Ellie decides this is a good time to cut in, and now has the two of them at gun point. After some yelling all around, Ellie decides that she is going to use the Tommy/Joel interrogation technique to verify Abby’s location on the map, but as she’s doing so Owen decides it’s his turn to make a move. This goes very poorly for him as he immediately takes a shot to the gut and falls back. Mel then jumps Ellie and a square mashing battle ensues. Mel also ends up with a very unfortunate demise here after the fight backfires, and she winds up with Ellie’s butterfly knife in the dead center of her throat.

Ellie makes her way back over to Owen, who is slowly bleeding to death on the ground, and hears a bombshell. Mel is pregnant. This hits close to home since Dina just recently told Ellie that she is pregnant, and Ellie runs over to see if Mel actually is. She is mortified when she pulls back her coat and sees Mel’s baby bump. She goes into hyperventilation as what we have to assume is a panic attack settles in, but before too long Tommy and Jessie come barging into the room. Ellie doesn’t realize who they are at first, but then slowly comes back to reality. The three exit the room as the camera pans down to the pool of blood slowly making its way across the floor of the aquarium.

We jump back to the theater now as we find Ellie staring down at Dina as she sleeps. Ellie stands and heads out to the main part of the theater to find Tommy and Jessie planning their route back to Jackson. The three banter for a little before Tommy departs spouting nonsense about his “peace offering” for Maria. Jessie and Ellie have about 15 seconds to themselves here before they hear arguing at the front of the theater and rush to go check it out. The second they go running out the door, poor ol’ Jessie catches a bullet square in the face and falls to the ground dead. We find out that Abby has made her way to the theater and is downright pissed that Ellie has killed all of her friends. Abby has Tommy at gunpoint and makes Ellie toss her weapon aside. Ellie pleads for Abby to let him live. She tries to reason with her and say that she is who she wants, especially after everything Joel did to the fireflies. Abby mutters that they let them live back outside of Jackson, but now they’ve wasted that, and we cut to black as Chapter four comes to an end.

Another chapter in the books! Going forward, you can probably expect more than one chapter in each review of the game as they tend to shrink a bit in size. As always, head to DustyPosts for some of my other original content, and follow this link to read everything I have on The Last of Us!

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