The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 2(b)

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part II – Chapter 2(b))

Sorry for the delay on Chapter 2, but it took me much longer than anticipated to finish off the game! Below is the second piece to the chapter 2 review, so lets jump right into it…

Chapter 2 – Seattle Day 1

Channel 13

Once through, Dina and Ellie have finally arrived at the TV Station, but they arrive to an apparent bloodbath. Dina asks Ellie if this was all Tommy, and Ellie just responds by saying she thinks they should get inside. On my first play through, I thought it had to have been Tommy who killed all these people, but during my second time around I got Seraphite vibes the entire way. A lot of the bodies had arrows in them, and I don’t think I have ever seen Tommy with a bow (if anyone has a definitive answer for this id love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!).

Anyways, Ellie and Dina climb up into the TV station to find more massacred bodies, and some strung up from the rafters (which were clearly not killed Tommy). The two ascend up another flight of stairs before making their way outside to climb into a broken window, and then make it up one more flight of stairs before another cutscene. They walk into a room where they hear a radio going off and find Leah dead on the ground with three or four arrows in her chest. Ellie begins digging around and finds some pictures in Leah’s things, all of which have names and were involved with Joel’s death. The two are looking over the images when they hear the walkie go off again, this time hinting that the WLF’s were sending reinforcements to the building. You climb out of a window and drop back down to where you originally found the strung up WLF’s just to be joined by more. If you time this right on your NG+, all of the WLF’s will be coming through a door down below at the same time, and one well-placed explosive arrow can wipe out all of them.

Ellie and Dina make their way downstairs and out of the main TV station room to be ambushed from above by more WLF. You can take these soldiers out, or you can simply run away and conserve ammo here as you won’t be able to take all of them out anyways. The two girls take off out of the building, through a ditch of sorts, and down into a parking garage area before ducking into a room and barricading the door. At the moment it seems as if they’ve escaped capture, but now they must head into the tunnels beneath the TV station to get out of dodge.

The Tunnels

This level was hectic, dark, and in all honesty, terrifying. Ellie and Dina descend deeper into the tunnels they wound up in to escape the WLF’s, but end up running into them again as soon as they crawl into the subway system. Beware here though as there are also some clickers that are hidden amongst the rooms that can easily turn this subway station into a disaster for you. You could also use the clickers to your advantage by tossing a bottle or a brick towards the WLF soldiers, ultimately drawing them closer to each other, but in doing so you also risk both parties sprinting back and forth across the station and making you sneaking by extremely difficult. No matter how you decide to go about this, you eventually make your way to a clogged up tunnel with a subway that you need to make your way through. This leads the two girls into a creepy room with a dead man half through the fencing that separates two rooms. Ellie walks up to the dead body, and we can now clearly see that this dead WLF is burned badly, but by what we are unsure. One thing is for certain though, we are getting a new infected type soon.

After a quick climbing/rope throwing puzzle, the two girls attempt to escape the tunnels via a ladder, but it ends up being broken, and they are unable to escape just yet. The only option now is to crawl through the air ducts in an adjacent room, which leads us to our first view of a Shambler. These things are essentially mini Bloaters that are much more dangerous and creepy. We witness it just eat some bullets from a WLF soldier before it falls to the ground, explode poisonous spores all from its body, and kill the soldier and his friend within seconds. Now we know how the other dead WLF was burned so bad as Ellie and Dina realize how acidic the Shambler’s spores are compared to other infected. The two are then forced to drop into the same room they just witnessed the Shambler in, and we find ourselves in between a rather large group of infected. There will be a Shambler on both sides of the room you fall into, a handful of runners interspersed between them, and a few clickers roaming the halls as well. Even though there are a good amount of infected right on top of Dina and Ellie, a well-placed distraction will lure all of them to one area and make this section much easier than one might think.

After Ellie and Dina eliminate the spore infected creatures, they push through into another tunnel, which funnels them into a hallway with a few rooms chock-full of collectibles and materials. Be sure to stock up here as the next room you enter will task you with killing (or sneaking) by two more shamblers and another handful of Runners/Clickers. You need to be careful here though because this room is not as simple as the first. The infected are spread out more which makes drawing them all into one location very difficult. Not to mention, these shamblers cover almost all the ground within the area as well, which makes sneaking by them and the other infected pretty challenging. Now, this area could be done without any killing (or any sneaking for that matter) if you lure the rightmost Shambler away with a bottle. He will come out of a fenced in room, which will open up a path for you to run straight to the door to exit the tunnels. However, if the bottle is timed poorly, in luring the Shambler away you will bring runners to you, which will more than likely get you caught ASAP (especially if you’re playing on one of the more challenging difficulties). However, once Ellie and Dina make it through and out of the tunnels, the two emerge into the outskirts of the tunnels. Some subway cars crashed and piled up here, making it easy for the two girls to climb back up into the daylight, or so I thought.

As Ellie reaches the end of the final subway car, it comes crashing down and dumps her down one story beneath the exit. Ellie gets jumped by a runner, but Dina saves the day (again). She immediately notices that Ellie’s mask is broken though and goes to rip hers off. Ellie freaks out, rips off her mask, and tells Dina that she was not kidding about being immune to the virus. Then you hear it, a swarm of infected is barreling towards the two girls and the only thing they can do is run. I do want to point out that this little mission can be very tricky if you try to kill everything, so you’re better off following Dina and getting to the exit as quick as possible. Ellie will get grabbed and taken down twice, but Dina will save her. It’s also possible for Dina to get grabbed if you’re moving too slow, and if you don’t help her she will die and the mission will restart itself. The two will eventually make it out however (and by a close call with a clicker too. It ends up getting the revolving gate stuck and probably is the only reason they have enough time to truly escape). Dina is absolutely gassed at this point, and Ellie practically carries her across the street o the theater, which is where they will now take up as their own personal safe house.

The Theater

This subchapter is fairly short and mostly filled with cutscenes, so this will be quick. Dina and Ellie talk the second they arrive and Dina says that she is pregnant. Ellie gets angry before she goes to make sure the theater is safe. She ends up finding an extension chord that runs upstairs to a generator, where the previous person who tried starting it got electrocuted, before she supplies power to the entire place.

Now, I didn’t have many issues with the game, but I had a pretty big problem with this. We don’t ever get to see the front of the theater again once the power has been turned on, but I would think it’s safe to assume that powering this place up would be EXTREMELY noticeable and obvious. Even if those massive signs on the front didn’t light up, all the lights being on in the inside would surely draw some attention by WLF’s, Seraphites, or Runners I would think. Anyways, once Ellie has the power on she finds a radio, but gets upset because it either isn’t working or she can’t find a mic to use. She smacks the radio, which dislodges a key from underneath of it that opens up the theater room downstairs. You head downstairs to explore this room, which doesn’t really amount to much, but as Ellie heads backstage the subchapters final cutscene triggers. Ellie finds a guitar and strums herself to sleep while we make our way to the next piece of the game.

The Birthday Gift

We cut from Ellie playing guitar in the present to her attempting to play guitar three years in the past. Our first playable Ellie flashback! This was one of my favorite chapters throughout the entire game, but in all honesty there was not much that really went on. Joel and Ellie are making their way to Ellie’s birthday surprise, which ends up being a trip to a dinosaur museum on the outskirts of Jackson. On their way there, we do get introduced to the swimming mechanics that will be used throughout the game (I think these were perfect, I just wish there would have been more opportunities to use them). They arrive just outside the museum and Ellie sees the gargantuan T-Rex statue out front. She is apparently a massive dino fan, which I can’t really remember if we ever found out in TLOU1.

Anyways, she and Joel explore the entire museum (which does have a few collectibles and a neat little hidden trophy) before they make their way up to a space area, where Joel gives Ellie her actual gift: a cassette tape of a rocket launch. This was so neat, especially because they are sitting in a replica shuttle that the museum had, and was very nostalgic. Ellie was absolutely thrilled by this, but of course the two of them have to continue on and make their way back home. In order to do so though, they need to jump from the museum into a pond below and then make their way through another part of the museum. Unfortunately, the door is locked, but Ellie has Joel help her up through a broken window. The inside of this museum is much creepier than the first, and we quickly get our introduction to the Seraphites. We see things like “I killed for them”, “Liars” above a firefly tag, and “There is no light” written across the walls. There is also someone, or something, in the building with Ellie, but we never get to see who or what it is. Psych! It was just a boar the whole time and just about gave me a heart attack when it ran into Ellie. Just after this encounter though, She finds a door that Joel opens, and we make our way into Chapter 3.

Another chapter in the books! Going forward, you can probably expect more than one chapter in each review of the game as they tend to shrink a bit in size. As always, head to DustyPosts for some of my other original content, and follow this link to read everything I have on The Last of Us!

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