The Last of Us Part II Review – Chapter 2(a)

WARNING: This post contains spoilers!

The Last of Us Part II Review (Part II – Chapter 2(a))

Sorry for the delay on Chapter 2, but it took me much longer than anticipated to finish off the game! I also had a lot of detail for this chapter in its entirety, so I decided to split it into two pieces. Anyways, lets jump right back into where we left off with The Last of Us Part II.

Chapter 2 – Seattle Day 1

The Gate

We jump ahead to Ellie and Dina traveling through a forest, and it seems like they’re lost. Dina even points this out, but low and behold, Ellie knew where she was going the “whole” time. I would like to point out that you should be looking and paying attention to everything in this area as it is magnificent. The sunshine flickering through the trees, the details on the shrubbery, and the conversation as the two make their way towards Seattle was such a great way to kick off this second chapter.

After some horseback riding and exploring (more detailed walkthrough provided by IGN) down an abandoned highway that is absolutely flooded with cars, trucks, and RV’s, the two come across a QZ (Quarantine Zone) that is behind an enormous locked gate. Upon your arrival, you should notice the massive “WLF” tag on the gate itself before turning off to the left to begin the first puzzle of TLOU2. Ellie and Dina do some climbing, but get to a point where only Ellie can continue. She does some daredevil-ish stunts to traverse the wall, but when she comes down on the other side, she finds that the gate will be harder to open than she thought. Tasked with opening two smaller, chain-link gates before the big gate, Ellie is reintroduced to the extension chord and “carry” aspect of the game. I was already pretty impressed with how well the physics and graphics of the rope looked from chapter one, but in The Gate, it truly raised the bar.

After you’re done having fun with the lasso chord and finally have power to the main gate, you enter the code and watch the gate slowly rise up for Dina to pas sunder… and then it comes crashing down! Thankfully, Dina and Shimmer had already safely made it under, but the loud slamming of the gate urges the two girls to continue towards Downtown.


This chapter is dedicated to making it to the WLF hideout located at the Serevena Hotel. But, in order to do so, Ellie and Dina must find some gas to power up the second gate that stands between them and the hotel. This, of course, pushes you further away from the hotel and towards Downtown, which honestly ended up being one of my favorite areas of the game. Besides crossing things off the mini map that you picked up at the gate, you get to explore a massive area that yields plenty of trinkets and treasures for Ellie. I, no lie, spent almost three hours exploring Downtown Seattle before I collected everything (or, so I thought, I had to return via chapter select to get one last artifact that I missed) and finally found some gas.

After returning to the gate, Ellie refuels the generator to open their passage to the Serevena. You almost immediately witness an infected runner hop a fence, and guess what, that’s your only way into the hotel as well. Ellie and Dina are tasked with dispatching the handful of runners and clickers before they begin to explore the Serevena. The two find a handful of recently deceased WLF members on the ground floor and then begin their ascent. As they reach the top of the first set of stairs they notice another dead WLF, but he was not killed by infected… he had been shot to death. The two infer that someone must’ve made their way into the hotel to kill these men and that the infected wandered in later after they heard all the noise. After exploring one more room, Ellie knows exactly who did it, and it was Tommy. The dead body was one of the guys who was there when Joel died, and the way he and another man were tied up and tortured was a method Joel had told Ellie about in the past. The two then notice a gate code smeared in blood on the floor and know where Tommy is heading next.

Ellie and Dina quickly exit the hotel and make their way to East Gate 1, which after they pass through, they decide it’s best for them to find somewhere to camp/regroup for the night. Unfortunately for them, as Shimmer is hopping one of the barriers on their route, he hits an explosive that violently throws both Dina and Ellie off her back. A cutscene triggers and shows Ellie lying on the ground as Dina falls off the bridge the explosion just occurred on. The man in charge sends some other guys off to grab Dina, and Ellie decides to try to make it to her rifle that is lying a few feet away. She makes it there, but as she grabs it, the man grabs it from her hands and knocks her out cold with the butt of the gun, thus leading us into the next subchapter.

Eastbrook Elementary

Ellie is gently slapped awake by Jordan, AKA the “dude with a bitch scar” on his face, before he begins interrogating her. The man from the previous scene comes rushing back in and asks Jordan why he isn’t looking for the other one anymore, to which he simply replies, “You know the smuggler we killed out in Jackson? This girl was there.” Jordan and the guy in charge get in a disagreement about what they should do with Ellie (Jordan wants her alive for questioning but the other guy says Isaac just gave him a direct order to kill all trespassers). As the two bicker, the man in charge pulls out his gun, but it’s too late. We see a figure creeping around on the glass above the two men, and before the man can pull the trigger, a bullet flashes into him. Jordan quickly turns and shoots the glass out from under the figures feet, and Dina plummets 15 feet or so into the room. Jordan walks over to Dina and begins choking her out, but Ellie isn’t going to let that happen. She kicks a piece of glass over to her hands to cut herself free, grabs the knife Jordan left stuck in the chair next to her, and bum rushes J-dawg from behind. She buries the knife hilt-deep twice in his neck, and he slowly falls to the ground as his neck pours and sprays blood everywhere.

Dina gets up rather quickly and is somehow thinking more clearly than Ellie as she scrambles to get out of the building before they’re caught by more WLF’s. However, Ellie finds something in Jordan’s pocket and begins looking it over. She is taking her sweet ass time which allows a handful of WLF’s to make their way over to them before they can exit. So now the fight is on. The two take care of these first few combatants and make their way into a hallway where they’re rushed by six or seven more WLF’s. A brick and a Molotov can take care of most of them, and then Dina and Ellie push forward again.The two girls now find themselves in a courtyard overgrown with grass that is perfect for sneakily killing the group of WLF’s that drop down in search of the intruders (AKA you). This first group goes down easy, but be cautious, another group drops down behind them almost as soon as you finish off the first wave.

From here the two girls climb up some debris to get to the roof, where they run into yet another group of WLF soldiers. This, however, is one of the first times in the game I believe that you are prompted to hide while prone before the WLF team makes it to you, which only makes sneaking up behind them even easier. The two girls take a quick detour through another building before being forced outside where we are introduced to the dogs. Thankfully, this was not where the interactions with said dogs began though, because they make the game so much more challenging (especially on the more difficult gameplay modes). The two make a leap from the school roof to the neighboring apartment complex before making it down to the street, where they lead us into the next zone.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill begins as soon as Ellie and Dina drop off the second floor of the aforementioned apartment complex from the Eastbrook Elementary subchapter (The beginning part of this area is rather large and full of goodies, so be sure to collect it all with IGN’s guide here). Once done collecting, the two girls continue to make their way towards the tall buildings (where they believe Leah is hiding out) before they run into more WLF members. If I’m not mistaken, Dina warns Ellie how many patrols she saw out here earlier and also mentions something along the lines of, “wow, there are so many of them.” Just a little foreshadowing for what’s to come (lolol). The two come up to a laundromat to dispatch the first group, then run into another small group at the gas station down the road. These, of course, can all be snuck past if you want to conserve ammo or just avoid conflict, but where’s the fun in that!? Also, there’s a small toy store with some Halloween stuff that I suggest looking through if you’re interested in a tie back to the original DLC of game 1. After you make it past these first two groups though, you stumble across some infected (two clickers and two runners I believe) before you make your way to a massive group of WLF soldiers who have put up shop in an old building and the coffee shop next to it. You fight (or sneak) your way through this group before climbing over a barricade and progressing through to the TV station.

After you jump down from the barricade, you turn and begin snaking your way through a QZ road of sorts before an infected charges at you. Luckily, someone set up a ton of trip mines and you witness and epic zombie explosion (very reminiscent of Bill from TLOU1, and Ellie even mentions him here) before crossing under a destroyed interstate where the next cutscene triggers. Side Note: I suggest throwing bottles to kill the infected before the cutscene to conserve ammo. There are plenty of them and it is insanely easy to lure the clickers and runners right into the trip wires.

After the cutscene, you no know that Tommy has been here (via his horse that was torn to shreds) and that Dina is extremely squeamish (or is she…). The two then make their way up closer to the TV station where they find even more dead WLF’s and, surprise, an entire mini booby trapped town. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t die here (a few times) due to recklessness and missing very obvious trip wires, so be careful when you pass through here on your way to the Channel 13 TV station.

Thanks for stopping by! As I mentioned above, chapter 2 will be split into two pieces, so be on the watch for part 2 over the next few days. In the meantime, be sure to head on over to my site to check out all of my original content, and if you want more TLOU reviews, click here!

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