A Raid: Shadow Legends Review

A Raid: Shadow Legends Review

For those of you new to my content, I am pretty big into video games. Granted, I am nowhere near as much of a gaming nerd as I was back in my younger days, but I still play quite a bit in all honesty. The latest game I’ve been hooked on is the mobile game (that has also made its way to PC) titled Raid: Shadow Legends. Raid is a Fantasy-Action Role Playing Game (RPG) that reminds me very much of WoW minus the actual free roam capabilities. Complex boss fights, incredible gear sets, and hundreds of potential character load outs are just a few of the things that will instantly draw you in.

Raid: Shadow Legends Campaign

Raid: Shadow Legends Campaign Map

I’ve seen a lot of reviews that are attempting to tear apart the campaign, but that is absolute nonsense! Yeah, the campaign may be a little short, but it provides an excellent challenge for low levels and has three additional difficulties (Hard, Nightmare, Brutal) that yield amazing rewards as you progress your characters. You can see some of these rewards in the bottom portion of the picture above. In order to get the best item available, the epic purple summoning crystal, you need to three-star every campaign mission. And those rewards get more enticing as you dive into the other difficulties as well. Not to mention, the story itself is down right intriguing and gave me serious Witcher III: Wild Hunt vibes.

Characters and Gear

This has been one of my favorite areas of the game so far. As of right now, there are 16 factions and over 300 characters you can earn, unlock, and purchase. The four characters in the above picture are your starting options, but you can unlock the other three as you delve deeper into the game. On top of all the factions and characters you will also find four different classes and three different fighting styles: Force, Spirit, Magic, and Void can be paired with an Attack, Defense, or Support type character.

On top of alllll those different options you also have a sneaky large inventory to chose from. As you level up, you unlock higher tier items, all based on a one through six-star rating system, and a five class item level system as well (common being the worst and legendary being the best). This system is very unique too in the fact that a two star legendary item may be inferior to a 5 star rare once both are fully leveled. Granted, the legendary may have more perks or stat lines, but the rare item will be higher in whatever areas you may care about.

Raid: Shadow Legends Leveling System

I have played a disgusting number of hours of video games throughout my life, but I don’t think I have ever played something with such a unique and intricate leveling system. For starters, the warriors are rated on a six-tier leveling scale just as the items are. Most of these will end up being common or uncommon, but that’s ok because you need those low level characters to level up your higher ones. Each time a warrior crosses into a new tier, they need more of those sacrifices as well.

For example, say you level up your main character to level 20 and are ready to “rank up.” You would need to sacrifice two tier two characters in order to push your character into tier three. But, if you wanted to go from rank three to rank four, you would need three sacrifices. See where I’m going? The part that makes this so challenging is that in order to get those other sacrifices, you (typically) have to sacrifice other lower level characters to get them to the appropriate tier. It’s a vicious cycle in all honesty, but its very rewarding for all the other grind boys and girls out there like me.

On top of the 210 levels and 21 sacrifices, you can also ascend your character and upgrade their attacks, but thankfully all of those can be done with potions earned from dungeons.

Tournaments, Battle passes, and PvP

Raid: Shadow Legends Tournament Rules

You will always have some sort of tournament or event going on in the Raid: Shadow Legend world, and they have even recently introduced the first season’s battle pass. All these events will allow you extra chances to earn gems, summoning crystals, silver, and other important in-game items. There is, of course, Player vs. Player (PvP) combat as well. This is technically not as “vs” as one may think, but it is still so dope. You get to set a defense and other players get to decide if they want to attack based n your warriors skill, levels, and power. Winning grants you the right to upgrade your great hall perks as well as a few other items, and its also a great way to see all the other powerful characters that you may still not have unlocked yet!

All in all, Raid: Shadow Legends is easily the best mobile RPG I have ever played. Our generation has been so lucky to see phone tech advance to a point where a game like this is even possible to play in mobile fashion. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to immerse yourselves in this amazing fantasy RPG world!

Thanks for the read! If you’re interested in playing, check out my referral links below. And as always, be sure to head on over to DustyPosts to view all of my other original content!

  • Here’s my install link for Raid: Shadow Legends. Get it through this link and both of us will get some free stuff to boost us along! https://link.plrm.zone/app/c8k2b
  • Here’s my install link for Raid: Shadow Legends. Get it through this link and both of us will get some free stuff to boost us along! https://link.plrm.zone/app/c8k2b
  • Here’s my install link for Raid: Shadow Legends. Get it through this link and both of us will get some free stuff to boost us along! https://link.plrm.zone/app/c8k2b

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