CD Projekt Red and the Future of Witcher 4

CD Projekt Red Announces Witcher 4 May Be Their Next Release

It’s officially official, CDPR has all but confirmed that a Witcher 4 is most likely the next game the company will develop after Cyberpunk 2077 is released in late 2020. The Polish Video Game developer has made it very clear that Witcher 4 will actually not be a fourth installment to the already immensely successful Witcher trilogy, but that it will remain within the Witcher Universe that Andrzej Sapkowski created. That could mean a number of things though, and its safe to assume that we are at least a few years out from seeing any specifics released on this matter. Whatever direction they do choose though will surely end with millions of Witcher fans having their hands on yet another spectacular fantasy RPG.

Anticipated Release Date

With four years between each Witcher Release so far, I think it’s very safe to assume that we are at a minimum of four years out from the next installment of the Witcher franchise. I do think there are some other things that will more than likely push the game even further out for all of us, the first of which is the success of Cyberpunk 2077. CDPR has stated multiple times that The Witcher and Cyberpunk franchises are the two universes they think they can continue to build on in the future. With that being said, if Cyberpunk exceeds expectations with its holiday release in 2020, CDPR could very well decide to pump out a second game there rather than a fourth for The Witcher.

If Cyberpunk is successful, but not so successful that they immediately want to begin a second game, CDPR could potentially push both games into the early stages of development. With teams split working on two games, we would obviously expect a longer wait for a possible Witcher title, so let’s add another six to twelve months there. On top of all that, we have to assume there isn’t much, if any, completed on an actual plot for the next Witcher. This would probably tack another six to twelve months on to things, which pushes that original four year estimate to five, or maybe even six, years before release. If I had to guess, I would say we can expect the fourth installment to the Witcher series in Mid 2025 at the earliest.

Witcher 4 Expected Plot

As I mentioned above, almost nothing has been announced (or probably thought too deeply of) on what The Witcher 4 plot could look like. In fact, the only thing CDPR has said so far is that Geralt will NOT be the main character. Of course, decisions like these change all the time, but I have three possibilities that I believe we could see in the fourth Witcher game.

#1 – A Young Geralt or Pre Geralt Universe

A young Geralt option would require CDPR to redact their statement of Geralt not being the main character, but I could easily see this being the direction of game number four. However, back in a time when Witchers were a plenty, they could also take the pre Geralt approach. We could potentially experience Vesimir’s story, or the story of any other Witcher from the period before Geralt. This would be very interesting, and would travel outside the realm of Andrzej’s books. I’m sure he would still be a part of developing the storyline, but if he wasn’t, I’d feel safe with CDPR and whatever direction they decided to take the game. Who knows, he may even have some unpublished Witcher stories he could use for the new game!

#2 – A Post Geralt Universe

Option #2 is probably the option that makes the most sense for a fourth game. This could mean Ciri becomes the potential new lead, or maybe even a new, younger Witcher comes into the fold and is trained by an older Cirilla. They could be attempting to restore the Witchers back to their former glory or maybe even just rounding up whatever remaining Witchers are out there to defeat whatever villain CDPR decides to add into the game. This, of course, would also require material that was not a part of the books, but at least here they have a base with Ciri and whatever other Witchers are still alive. Both of these options still leave plenty of room for some of our favorite characters to find their way back into the story. So, don’t be surprised when Yen, Dandelion, or Zoltan appear telling tall tales of Geralt!

#3 – An Entirely New Witcher 4 Universe

This option would require the most work, but it also has loads of room for something the Witcher Universe hasn’t really had before… complete character customization. With an entirely new Witcher universe, one could expect to create their own witcher who is responsible for saving the world, restoring the Witchers to glory, or even potentially being the cause of the Witchers dying off. This is definitely my favorite option of the three, but it would require a lot since they would potentially be scrapping almost everything from the original three games. Too bad we will need to wait four to six years to figure out what the story will truly entail!

I’ve been a fan of this series since I first stumbled upon The Witcher 2, and I don’t think I will ever lose my love for the realm of Temaria. So no matter what CD Projekt Red decides to do with the next installment of one of my favorite video game series, I know they will succeed. I trust them to make all the right decisions and lead us into a new age of Witcher games!

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