The Outsider Review: HBO’s Next Big Hit

Warning: There will be spoilers below, so proceed at your own risk!

The Outsider Review: HBO’s Next Big Hit

HBO has done it again, folks. They continue to pump out shows that shock and awe and their new crime drama, The Outsider, does just that. Jason Bateman, Ben Mendelsohn, and Cynthia Erivo have me absolutely hooked on this show and I cannot wait to see what happens in the second half of its first season.

The Outsider Plot

According to IMDB, the synopsis is as follows: “Investigators are confounded over an unspeakable crime that’s been committed.” Now that may seem extremely vague and nondescript, but it honestly couldn’t say anything else without giving away too much of the show. However, now that I have watched the first half of the season I think I can add a little more detail to spice things up. “A small town is rattled by the ghastly death of a young boy. As the child’s family and the town mourn, things begin to get very strange. Investigators are baffled by the evidence they find, and struggle to find who, or what, is wreaking havoc upon their town.” If that doesn’t make you want to watch then I don’t know what will!

What We’ve Witnessed So Far

If you haven’t watched the show yet and are still reading, now is the time to stop. I will briefly dive into each episode below via bullet points, so proceed with caution.

Episode One: Fish in a Barrel

  • Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman) is accused of the grisly murder of the young boy in his town.
  • Ralph (Mendelsohn) and his detectives find clear evidence pointing at Maitland. They all 1,000% believe no one other than Maitland could have committed this heinous crime.
  • Maitland’s attorney finds clear cut evidence putting him in another town on the day of the crime.
  • Maitland is tossed in jail until his arraignment, where he is threatened as a “child killer”.

Episode Two: Roanoke

  • Ralph is no longer certain Maitland is the killer.
  • On the morning of his trial, Maitland is shot and killed by the brother of the dead boy Terry was accused of murdering. The brother is also shot and killed.
  • Ralph is put on administrative leave, but that doesn’t stop him from still attempting to solve the case.
  • Maitland’s daughter, Jessa, claims that she is being visited by an ominous man at night.
  • Ralph learns that Terry got cut while on vacation, and that the Maitlands were in Dayton the same day the van he was seen in was stolen.

Episode Three: Dark Uncle

Ralph and Holly
  • Terry’s post murder clothes are found in an old farm out in the middle of nowhere.
  • We’re introduced to Holly Gibney, a private investigator who will be helping dig deeper into the Maitland case.
  • We also meet Heath Hofstadter, who appears to be another wrongly accused child murder victim, in prison. He kills himself at the end of the episode.
  • As more and more is dug up on the case, the less sense it makes. Things are strangely starting to point towards a supernatural entity being behind these crimes.
  • Detective Jack is introduced, and he has been attacked by whatever is creating this chaos. Leaves a nasty boil mark on the back of his neck.

Episode Four: Que Viene el Coco

  • Holly learns of another wrongly accused child murderer, Maria Coneles.
  • We learn that Heath’s doppelgänger was the one who cut Terry Maitland when he was on vacation.
  • We get some intriguing details on el coco, who is essentially the boogeyman.
  • The boy who spoke with Ralph about the van in Dayton admits to lying. He then draws a picture of the twisted-faced man that he saw stealing the car.
  • Claude Bolton, the former convict turned gentleman’s club owner, appears to also have his hand cut by Terry Maitland on the night of the murder.
  • Detective Jack appears to be feeding and supplying the creature and is under its control via the boils on his neck.

Episode Five: Tear-Drinker

  • We finally meet twisted-face man as he breaks into Ralph’s house to warn his wife about his interest in the case.
  • Twisted-face man can’t speak English very well OR he loses most motor functions (and looks) while in his transformation/regeneration state.
  • Ralph is an excellent mansplainer (à la the nightmare explanation LOLOL).
  • Jack loses his cool when Tomika asks him to hold her son. He claims he doesn’t want anything to happen to him.
  • Holly officially buys into the boogeyman storyline and is no longer looking for a who, but for a what.
  • Ralph is still having hallucinations of his dead son, or the twisted-faced boogeyman monster has his hooks in him already as well.

And that’s a wrap. So far, season one of The Outsider has been excellent. I can’t wait to see what all is in store in the second half of season one! If you haven’t watched episode fives sneak peek for six through ten yet, I highly suggest doing so. Thanks again for reading my review of HBO’s The Outsider. Watch out for more reviews in the near future, and be sure to head on over to DustyPosts for more of my content.

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