The Elder Scrolls Review

The Elder Scrolls Review

Welcome back to DustyPosts. This week we tackle one of my favorite gaming series of all time, The Elder Scrolls. I’ll briefly jump into what the Elder Scrolls world entails and also cover why it has been such a staple in my fantasy-gaming life for so many years.

Elder Scrolls Background Knowledge

The Elder Scrolls is a massive, and I mean massive, fantasy RPG world developed by Bethesda Games. The first game in this series, Arena, was released in 1994. Unfortunately for me, I was only a one year old at that point so I didn’t ever play this generation of gaming by Bethesda. My first knowledge of the game came in right before Oblivion was released when I began playing Morrowind. But from what I’ve heard these games were generation defining and I wish I would’ve been around to experience them in all their glory. Bethesda know has seven RPG games out and each and every one they release continues getting better and better. The eighth game is no under way, but it won’t be something we Elder Scrolls fans see for some time as Bethesda must finish their current project up before releasing TES6.

The Love Behind TES

As I mentioned above, my first toe-dip into this beautiful realm was all the way back when Oblivion was near its drop date. I very briefly played Morrowind before jumping into Oblivion, but I ultimately would go back to play the third installment some years later as well. Oblivion will go down as one of my favorite games of all time, but it is nothing in comparison to what Skyrim, the fifth installment from Bethesda, would eventually become. I cannot even fathom the hours I’ve spent playing this game over my lifetime. It was, and still is, the most incredible world that has ever been built for a video game and I will go to bat for it 1000% of the time. Each and every detail is superb and the stories intertwined with your hero’s constantly have you wondering what choice is the correct choice. That along with the fact the gear, weapons, spells, and essentially everything within the game is absolutely awesome will have you lost for hours to come.

It’s safe to say that Bethesda’s TES games will always have me coming back for more, so why don’t you go out and give them a try yourself!

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