Book Writing Tips from A Fantasy Writer

Book Writing Tips from A Fantasy Writer

As a writer, there are certain things you must will yourself to do very often. There are countless tricks to avoiding writers block, staying productive, and to even keep your creative juices flowing throughout a period of writing. Some work, others do not, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the book writing tips that have worked for me over the past year.

#1 – Write Every Day, No Matter What

This one is simple, never stop writing. You wont always be able to sit down and pump out pages for your book, blog, etc., but you can always write something and that will keep your brain activity in the place it needs to be. On days I can’t think of detail for my book, I will write side stories, songs, prophecies, you name it. Anything that could potentially be used later on, even if only a 1% chance, is better than not writing anything at all!

#2 – If You’re on a Roll, Don’t Stop

I’ve made this mistake a few times now and it may be the worst feeling in the world once you realize what you did. You’ll be 10 pages deep after an hour of work, everything is just pouring out of you, and someone calls your phone. Rather than ignoring it since you’re in the zone, you pick it up and wander away form your screen fro 10-15 minutes. When you finally sit back down, you’ve lost your train of though and any ideas that you had. So now, rather than having that continuous flow you’re trying to remember what you wanted to write about instead. I’m not saying you won’t be able to get back into the flow at all, but nine times out of ten it will actually be the case. So don’t answer that call, don’t take a quick Netflix break, and don’t peel your eyes away from whatever device you’re writing on!

#3 – If You Have Writers Block, Take a Break

Now this is a separate issue from #2. This is for those of us who have ran through the “in the zone” phase and now are drawing more blanks than Old Greg’s Bailey’s watercolor. Once this happens, then its acceptable to take a break. However, don’t go off and do something random and pointless. Try and do something that will get your brain cylinders firing again or something that can inspire you to get back into the zone. Avoid pointless television or movies and step away from your computer if that’s what you’re using to write. Don’t aimlessly scroll through social media either as that is just a distraction that will push you into a void of random nonsense funny cat videos.

#4 – Problems with Your Plan? Stop Planning Then

Another thing I learned very quickly was that planning is not always necessary. This was hard for me to grasp too because I am a massive planner. You should see my outlook calendar at work, hours detailed at levels that shouldn’t be detailed, reminders to run daily reports, notes about writing. It goes on and on too. I’m just a meticulous, detail-oriented, planner who needed to learn that you cannot plan everything when it comes to writing (or at least most of the time you can’t). I started my book with the first chapter to see if I could actually vomit enough info from my brain to complete a chapter. After I succeeded, I began writing descriptions for each and every chapter and how I wanted it the book to go. By chapter three, my brain had already taken me on a different path and 99% of what I planned had to be tossed out the window. So keep that in mind when you’re struggling with planning early on in your creative process.

#5 – Always be on the Lookout for New Material

This kind of goes without saying, but you always, always, always need to keep your eye out for useful material. And with that, always have something on your person, like a phone or a pocket sized notepad, to take notes on for when these situations arise. Then, once these ideas sprout little trees in your brain, you can go research to grow those sproutlings into full grown idea trees!

Writing isn’t easy by any means, but by learning how to manipulate your brains weakest moments you can make it easier. If you follow my book writing tips and mix in a few of your own as you learn the ropes, I can bet you that you’ll hit the ground running much easier than you might think.

Thanks again for reading my article on book writing tips. As always, please leave some feedback and give my page a follow so you can experience all of my content. I’d love to hear from all of my wonderful readers, so be sure to rate/comment often!

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