Death Stranding PS4 Review

Death Stranding PS4 Review

Hey everybody, welcome back! On week 23’s recommendation I am briefly going to explain to you why the PlayStation exclusive, Death Stranding, is a must buy.

This all started three years ago when I first saw the trailer for Death Stranding. It only showed some invisible tar creatures attacking a man (played by Norman Reedus) and his crew, but It immediately drew me in. I started researching the game but quickly found out that the release date was years away. Fast forward three years and here we are with what may be one of the most ingeniously creative games of all time.

This game is nothing like any other game you’ve ever played before. Sam, played by Norman Reedus, is a man attempting to save the United Cities of America from an apocalyptic event. You face off against BT’s (Beached Things), and you also come across some genuinely awful humans who can control BT’s and other tar creatures with their DOOM’s/Repatriate/Etc. abilities. Sam, of course, has abilities himself, and can come back from death if need be. His purpose is to connect outposts and cities in hopes of reconnecting the world.

Now I still have not finished Death Stranding, but I know for a fact that it is already one of my favorite games of all time. I’d bet that it goes down in history as one as well. So stop whatever you’re doing if you’re a PS4 owner and go snag a copy of this magnificent Hideo Kojima game!

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