Rhythm + Flow Netflix Review

Rhythm + Flow Netflix Review

I can’t believe I’m already at my 20th week of recommendations for you all! I have an absolute banger for you guys this week too. If you haven’t heard, Netflix released its own music competition show in early October. The twist to many however is the fact that its actually a musical competition based around the Hip-Hop/Rap genre (which, admittedly, is my favorite genre of music). So sit back and relax, turn on with Rhythm + Flow, and get to enjoying a masterfully curated competition by T.I., Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper.

For starters, I’ve never been a massive fan of musical competition shows even though I am a huge music fan. I can’t tell you what it is, but after week two when things get serious and the comedic aspect of the show is gone, I am typically out on these types of shows. But Rhythm + Flow is different. The stories of some of these artists are beyond inspiring. The seriousness of the show mixed with the intense competition and camaraderie of the contestants is stunning. I haven’t seen the final three episodes yet, but I already know I will be eagerly awaiting season two the entire next year.

Whether you listen to Hip-Hop/Rap on the reg or absolutely despise it, you should still be giving this show a chance. Not all of the artists are for everybody, but the ones who are there for the right reasons will truly leave you touched and inspired. Thank you to Netflix, T.I., Cardi B, and Chance the Rapper for making such an amazing show!

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