My Perfect Sick Day

After recently taking a few sick days to move and do unimaginably boring tasks around the house, I found myself wondering what my perfect sick day would look like. This may bring some of you back to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is an 80’s classic about just this. But, my perfect sick day doesn’t include borrowing my best friends father’s Ferrari or even roaming the streets of downtown Chicago with my girl. My perfect sick day is much more low-key, but I’m splitting it into two types of days since fatherhood is arriving soon. So without further ado…

Pre-Fatherhood Perfect Sick Day

Typically, I’m up for work around 5:45 A.M., so my day will still start early to ensure as much fun-cramming as possible. I’m going to start with a larger than normal breakfast. Probably some form of steak and eggs or maybe even a breakfast skillet of some sort. From there the true fun begins as I head out to the course to meet the guys for a round of golf. Hopefully I play well, but in all honesty I’m pretty average so I’d expect the usual high-80’s round from me.

From golf I’m heading straight home to meet my girlfriend as she’s getting home from work. We will then proceed to go chill by the pool and relax for a few hours. We will be bringing books down with us, so in this scenario I am assuming The Winds of Winter is finally available to read. Once we’ve unwound and have a nice tan set in, I’m taking us out to our favorite spot to eat in Tampa, Ulele (which is a must eat spot for any Tampa readers out there). We’ll probably both get our favorite flank steak that comes paired with a side of the most incredible green beans and mashed potatoes you’ve ever had. And from there, we’re heading straight back home to end the night with a mini-binge of whatever Netflix show we are currently hooked on.

Post-Fatherhood Perfect Sick Day

This scenario changes drastically come February when my child arrives, and probably going forward for the rest of my life after that as well. My sick days will 100% be based around my kid. Whatever they want to do, we will go do. I already know I’m going to be the biggest pushover so I will definitely let them play hooky from school every now and again. I’m imagining our day will include some sort of sport as well, whether it’s catching a mid day baseball game or getting out to play an early round of golf. But if they aren’t into sports, maybe we will go find a matinee movie to watch while we split an ICEE and a bucket of popcorn. They will also get whatever they want food wise. Any and all of their favorite eating establishments will get consumed throughout this joint sick day of ours.

So, even though my day may not be as jam-packed as Mr. Bueller’s, I still think I have some pretty solid hooky days ahead of me. Both have some similarities, but both are also quite different. My days of putting my needs first are rapidly diminishing, but I don’t mind that one bit. I’m looking forward to becoming a father, and I cannot wait to live out one of these sick days with my child in the future.

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