How I Would Spend a Million Dollars

I was watching Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow the other day, and as the winner realized they just won $250,000, I began wondering what I would do if I won $1M dollars. Of course, the first things that run through everyone’s head is typically house, car, boat, etc. I’ve been very fortunate over the last year though, so I already have two of the previously mentioned three items, so I decided to add a little spin to this idea and also up the prize money.

The Stipulations

First, a million dollars equals a million dollars. This is either un-taxed money or I actually won like $1.4M and it fell to $1M after taxes. Second, I cant invest it. I’m in finance so this would definitely be my actual move if I ever fell into this much money, but for content purposes that’s lame. So, I’ll have to spend the winnings within three months of acquiring it or the cash will vanish. Finally, It can’t all disappear on one purchase such as a mansion, small yacht, or expensive car.

First Things First

As I already mentioned, I do work in finance… so the first thing I do still has to be somewhat fiscally responsible. I’m taking $50k off the top to pay off my student loans and some other small debts that I’ve acquired since becoming a homeowner. I know this may sound like a lame thing to spend 1/20th of my winnings on, but it would give me a peace of mind unlike any other. Not to mention, once my $1M is gone it makes life on a monthly basis that much easier.

Spoiling Time

Next up comes spoiling my family. With just purchasing a brand new house and having a child on the way, I’m taking a bunch of this money to hook my girlfriend and baby up with the best of the best. Top of the line automated home system, complete professionally installed baby proofing, and all of the cute baby clothes. You know, the works. Not to mention my puppy, Addison, will need some new toys.

From here I will be hooking up my siblings with whatever they want. My oldest younger brother is a senior in high school and looking to land a scholarship for baseball, so I’m buying him all of the best gear for his senior season. My sister is 15 and will be needing a car soon, so I’d have to help her out with that! And my youngest brother is only 12 years old, but he can basically get whatever he wants too haha.

Now the Fun Begins

And once all that spoiling is finished, the last of the money is getting spent on dope vacations. Of that original $1M, I’m anticipating at least $850k left for some INSANE traveling. We would probably do an MLB trip around the country first. We’ve been dying to visit Oracle Park in San Francisco, and from there we would hop around the rest of the stadiums we want to visit starting with Wrigley Field or Fenway. Once we’ve had our fair share of baseball, which may girlfriend may argue is not even a real thing, we will be hopping on a flight to Europe.

The list of places we would visit across the pond would be endless, so I’ll try to keep it only to the main ones. We would definitely be visiting Greece first. Greece has been the #1 place I’ve wanted to visit for the last few years (I’ve even planned a hypothetical dinner there) and I would be so salty if it wasn’t our first stop. From there we would have to do some sort of Game of Thrones traveling trip. We’re both massive fans of the show, so it would be life changing to see all of the beautiful landscapes that the show has showcased over the course of its life. After that we would probably head to Italy, but in all honesty, we could go wherever we wanted with the remainder of our cash.

Back Home

Once we have spent almost all of the money and are completely exhausted from all of the traveling, we will be flying back home to prepare for the birth of our child. At this point we already have most of what we need (or so we think lol), but id like to use the remainder of the $1M winnings to stock up for our baby. After that, there there’s nothing left but enjoying the wonderful life I already live. I have an awesome family surrounding me, the most amazing girl a guy could ever ask for, and the absolute cutest baby on the way.

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