A Letter to My Child

A Letter to My Child

I will never forget the day I found out I was becoming a father. Your mom and I sat on our bed waiting for the test to finish, and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. Those two minutes dragged on for what felt like ten, and as I walked back in to grab the test, my heart began to race. I brought it back over to to look at with your mother, and after a few more seconds I finally flipped the test over to reveal the plus sign that meant you were on your way.

I immediately began crying, but not because I was upset. It was a mixture of relief in knowing why your mom had been getting sick so much and pure joy. In fact, I don’t think there had been a single moment in my life where I had ever felt that much happiness. I was going to be dad! Nothing else seemed to matter anymore, and I knew that I would be blessed with one of the greatest things any man could ever hope to be blessed with.

Fast forward another eight weeks, and guess what? I could not have been more wrong. As each day passes and I await your birth, my love for you grows exponentially. Every time your mom tells me how big you are I tear up a little. You’re currently the size of a credit card, which blows my mind since you were just a little Reese’s cup not too long ago. It’s astonishing to think that you are only 14 weeks old right now, probably in your mother’s belly sucking on your thumb with your legs crossed (just how you had them the first time we ever saw you). I can already picture how in just a few years you will be out in this world, walking around making your mother and I laugh with all of the corny dad jokes I’ve told you.

In just six short months you will be here with us, in our arms, and I cannot wait to meet you. Your dog-sister is excited too, and she will give you all the loves once you’ve arrived. You will have the best family in the entire world, in each of the realms, and all of the galaxies surrounding you. You will be loved so much baby P. I’m already beyond ecstatic to call myself your Father, and I know you will be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Love you.

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