My Weekly Recommendation (#14)

My Weekly Recommendation (#14) – Wrigley Field Ivy Tour

Welcome back! On this weeks recommendation, I will be discussing something I did on vacation in Chicago last weekend… a tour of Wrigley Field!

For starters, Wrigley has always been a field I knew I had to visit at some point in my life. It falls second to Fenway but still lands before Oracle, which are both fields I haven’t had the chance to travel to yet. I am a Red Sox fan, but my girlfriend is a massive Cubs fan (and by massive I mean we watch almost every single game). So naturally they have grown on me quite a bit over the last year. I knew we would be in Chicago about four months ago, so I went ahead and bought some Ivy Tour tickets for the little bit of free time we still had left in our schedule.

I had only been to Chicago once before my trip last weekend. While there, I spent almost a full day near Wrigley. It was late December though, so they were in the middle of renovation season. With that being said, I was still in awe being near such an incredible piece of MLB history. So this time around, getting to experience almost all of the stadium was mesmerizing. So much has happened within its walls, much of which I would’ve never even thought was true, and it was such a spectacular experience to finally see it in all of its glory.

After standing around outside the stadium for 15 minutes or so, we were finally allowed in with a group of about 40 or so other people before being walked through the concession area and out to the stands. It was magnificent. Everything I could’ve ever imagined and more as my eyes shot around to every corner of the stadium. After getting some background information/fun facts about the origin of the stadium, we made our way over to the Budweiser Bleachers. From there we went down to the ivy (which was hands down the best part) before visiting the visiting teams locker room, the Press Box, and finally the Cubs Dugout. They even let us stand on one of the on deck circles that the Cubs themselves use! It was probably one of the coolest tours I have EVER done while on a vacation, and I would highly recommend doing it if ever in Chicago.

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