My Weekly Recommendation (#13)

My Weekly Recommendation (#13) – Upwork

For this week’s recommendation I wanted to talk a little about Upwork. It is a freelance job site that allows you to spend credits for a wide array of jobs. You can find anything from building Excel tables to writing novels, and it is incredibly simple to use. I’m not sure where my writing career would be if I hadn’t stumbled across this wonderful site and I can’t wait to hear how much it helps everyone else!

This site was what actually got my writing career under way almost five months ago. It all started with one or two small copy writing jobs before someone was kind enough to take a chance on me with a few small articles. Both of those articles were published to Medium (#1 and #2) and I could not have been more proud of myself. After a month or so working for that first company, I picked up a second gig writing summaries of Netflix shows. That has quickly evolved into detailed listicle writing and in depth breakdowns of some of my favorite video games too. 

From there came my first real writing “job” however. With a fully functioning blog site, some published articles, and a fresh resume I was able to land a sports writing job. Basically a dream come true if you ask me! So with all of that being said, for any of you who are new to writing (or even if you just aren’t sure how to land that first job), be sure to go check out Upwork.

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