My Weekly Review (#2) – New Orleans Cuisine

My Weekly Review (#2) – New Orleans Cuisine

Hey everyone, on this week’s rec I’ll be talking about one of my favorite things, food! More specifically, the mouth-watering flavors that stem from New Orleans authentic Po-Boys and Jambalaya. Now, I have been a fan of Po-Boys for quite some time but I had never actually eaten an authentic New Orleans Po-Boy. It’s safe to say I can no longer eat them back in Florida because they just aren’t the same! My favorite Po-Boy, the Surf and Turf, came from Johnny’s Po-Boys in the French Quarter. Their menu is endless, ranging from regular Po-Boys with shrimp to Po-Boys stacked with roast beef, lettuce, and mayo. This will no doubt be the first stop on my list the next time I’m back in New Orleans, which hopefully happens soon. I did experiment last week with my own Po-Boy recipe though and it was pretty tasty, so maybe I’ll share that recipe with you all soon!

Next up is the Jambalaya, which has become a staple in my diet since traveling to NOLA late last year. I was lucky enough to be in New Orleans during the Tremé Creole Gumbo Fest, and it was quite the experience. With about 15 places to stop and try different New Orleans cuisines, it was THE pit stop on the way to foodie heaven. Over the course of two hours, I enjoyed an amazing bowl of gumbo, a heaping portion of jambalaya, and a golden square of fried grits (A.K.A. PERFECTION) before my stomach no longer had the room to enjoy the delicacies I was still dying to try. There was also live music the entire time, and all of the acts were NOLA natives which was super cool. This fest is definitely something I would recommend attempting to get to at some point as well if you can! All things considered, my rating of NOLA cuisine is 10/10 and if you’ve never been I highly suggest making your way there soon.

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