My Weekly Recommendation (#5) (6/17/19)

[Originally published on 6/17/19 on my previous site,]

My Weekly Recommendation (#5) – Smartwatches

Welcome back! On this weeks recommendation, I’ll be talking about smart watches, and more specifically why I love the Apple Watch.

I began dabbling in the smartwatch game a little over a year ago with a knock-off from Amazon. I had taken some time off from my usual workout routine and wanted something to track my daily steps, but I also didn’t want to pay $400 for an Apple Watch. It served its purpose for about six months before I received a Fossil smartwatch for my birthday. While the Fossil was exceedingly nicer, it wasn’t waterproof and was just a bit more difficult to actually track steps/exercise. This brings me to the Apple Watch I bought about a month ago, and I have to say it is beyond worth the money. You can get the prior generation (gen 3) off of Amazon for about $200, which is right about the same as the Fossil I owned.

Having the Apple Watch has almost made it fun keeping track of my activity again. Of course, you can have it set up for constant reminders to keep moving, but my favorite part is probably that when you see how close you are to your goals you want to put that extra bit of work in to close your rings. Not to mention it seems much more accurate than the knock-off smartwatch (surprise, surprise) and somewhat more accurate than the Fossil.

So for any of you looking to get a smartwatch I recommend doing some research to see which ones fit your goals and budget!

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