My Weekly Recommendation (#3) (6/4/19)

[Originally published on 6/4/19 on my previous site,]

My Weekly Recommendation (#3) – Subscribing to HBO

Hey everyone! This week I’m recommending that you all go out and subscribe to HBO. It’s $15 a month (which I know is a lot, especially if stacked on top of other streaming services) but in my opinion it’s 100% worth it. HBO continues to push out amazing content regularly, and this summer is going to be packed full of amazing shows. We have Succession and Big Little Lies coming back for their (better word for second?) seasons, which I am beyond stoked about by the way, and countless new shows like Watchmen, Gentleman Jack, and Euphoria. Not to mention, your subscription comes with plenty of already aired shows that are well worth the watch; Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire, etc. And for those of you who don’t want to add another app or streaming site to your list, Hulu has the cool feature of adding HBO directly to your account! Another must watch show they put out was Chernobyl, a five-part miniseries depicting the events that transpired when the nuclear plant in Pripyat went haywire back in the 80’s. They did a really great job with this in my opinion, and it alone would probably be worth $15 over the next month! But no matter what your summer binging plans consist of, I highly suggest you sprinkle some of the magnificence that HBO has created on top.

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