My Weekly Recommendation (#1) (5/23/19)

[Originally published on 5/23/19 on my previous site,]

My Weekly Recommendation (#1) – The CW’s Supernatural

Good afternoon all and welcome to my first weekly rec post! Going forward I will be posting a weekly recommendation every Tuesday/Wednesday afternoon. It will simply be a brief paragraph on one of my favorite shows, books, or recipes that I think you should give a shot over the next few weeks. So let’s jump right in. My first recommendation for everyone this week is the show Supernatural. Now, this show and its 14 seasons may represent quite the burden to take on but I promise if you give it a shot you will love it. Supernatural is in my top three list of shows (to see the other two, LINK) and I have watched with my dad since I was twelve or thirteen years old. The show is about two brothers who are “Hunters” and save people from evil beings/creatures. Whether it be an angered spirit or Lucifer himself, Sam and Dean do their damndest to defend the citizens of Earth. I personally think the writing in this show is incredible. It can be somewhat cheesy at times, but it always ties back to something and leaves that feeling of nostalgia on your brain. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are incredible as well, and they’re presumably the key reason this fanbase is so crazy in love with the show. It has been running since 2005, so some of the scenes/effects from the earlier seasons may not be the greatest. However, If you stick with it and watch through you will be amazed at how far this show has come. Regrettably, Supernatural will be ending after this upcoming season. But if you start binging now you can be a part of the final one with me when it airs later this year!

Thanks again for the read. Be sure to watch out for my second weekly rec next Tuesday, Have great weekend everyone!

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